Mermaid’s Lair~ Ocean inspired jewelry

“The Mermaid” and ocean inspired new jewelery.

“The Mermaid” – J. W. Waterhouse  has always made my heart sing~

I see the Deep’s untrampled floor

With green and purple sea-weeds strown;

I see the waves upon the shore

like light dissolved in star-showers thrown…

Percy Bysshe Shelley

This piece (Sold) is inspired by recent trips to the coast, and by the ever-transfixing Nautilus shell button by Green Girl Studios (a fantastical creature!).  Bracelet has stones of apatite, amazonite,  unpolished onyx, turquoise, glass, and quartz, lampwork glass, seaweed pearls, & black and white pearls for beadcaps.

The Nautilus sold, but I will be adding more like this to my Etsy store, for the Siren Series– jewelry for all amphibious sirens.  😉




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Seaweed and Sand

Mindful writing (poem) and pictures- waves & sand








where small waves
roll & tease, we retrace steps
down to the cove

-remember when you found a ring?
there I point, 10 feet on.

       Half embedded in wet sand
       shiny on a shell, veiled by seaweed.
       Surprised to see the ring
       you wanted, you asked
       -How…did this get here?

you smile.  -Maybe
there will be

-No. Mermaids only visit once.

River of Stones Writing prompt