Andrew’s Sept. Jewelry Challenge~ Reveal

It has been fun watching Andrew Thornton’s jewelry-making challenge grow so popular over the last few months. Today is reveal day and Tara Linda’s necklace and bracelet…

It has been fun watching Andrew Thornton’s jewelry-making challenge grow so popular over the last few months.  I had planned to pass this one up knowing I would be gone 3 weeks of Sept. But when I saw the colors…

I couldn’t resist.  When the package arrived, I sat right down on the floor and finished the first piece.

This was my first challenge based on a kit of materials, versus the challenge where you use your own materials and the prompt is a picture or idea.  My first true challenge was all the small seed beads in the mix- EEK!  Not sure why, but small beads scare me.  I’m not used to including so many in a design  ;).

I started by sorting out the largest beads for the pendant, using others for links on a sterling chain. I knew I’d be making my favorite necklace design of late- a short, adjustable lariat/choker.

Seeing all the wonderful colors reflecting from Andrew’s brassy flower coin pendant, I added a few pearls and seed drops with the same golden red highlights, to pull the same hues throughout. I also added one bright purple chalcedony rondelle to the pendant to help pop the abundant pink & lavender tones in the bead mix.  And then I just had fun…

I strung 2 strands of the small beads but crossed them through single larger beads to make them twist and move together.  I strung long slivers together in sections to add some texture.      Wah-La!

And I added a few black seed beads to sections to give more contrast.  That’s it for the necklace!  I love the way it hangs, and took it to my Alaska gig last week 😉

For the bracelet, I felt green with Heather’s “Grow” link (Heather Wynn-Millican),  & added green quartz. And a few plum jade rondelles.  I may re-string this one with just the AWESOME purple SoftFlex wire instead of copper wire on the links…not sure what I think of it this way. (Feel free to chime in on that thought;)

There are 2 reveal dates- today and Oct. 12th.  It is really fun to see how differently all of us worked with the same materials!  enjoy your blog hop to others treasures.  Participants for the first reveal date:

Lorelei Eurto
Sally Russick
Tara Linda
Paula Kramer
Melinda Orr
Beth Emery

Participants that will reveal on the Oct. 12th date:

Tracy Stillman
Heather Goldsmith
Lori Bowring Michaud
Rebecca Anderson
Debbie Price
Patty Gasparino