In the Studio: Music and Movie Dubs

I’m back in the studio now, writing new music- for others, and dubbing voices for my first Indian film- Kiss!

I’m back to writing and recording in the studio now- for others. The current project has me writing songs entirely out of character, which is kind of fun. I’m writing the songs in a different genre as well; alt-country. So it feels a bit like acting, each song is a small play with its own storyline and characters. Tribute songs- very human. To sum up a life, a legend in one song. Can’t say more now, but I’ll be in this mindset of other people’s live for a while, until it’s all finished, sometime in October.


Speaking of acting, er movies, I got my very first voice dubbing opportunity this summer for an Indian film and it’s just out! Wheeee!  It’s a hip little number, a romantic comedy called Kiss, with actors Adivi Sesh and Priya Banerjee.  It just hit the theaters here in SF area, though I think it was released in India in July.  Sesh, also the director, filmed parts of it here in San Francisco. It opened this week in San Jose. Check it out!