30 poems in 30 days: NaPoWriMo

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I just realized that this, being April, is National Poetry Month- and so the NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month challenge is ON! “Participants attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.”   i like how they say “attempt.”  How gentle.  😉   I’m going to do this one,  though I’m 4 days late.  I hope you don’t mind- I may throw in lyrics occasionally too- as I am supposed to be finishing 3 songs this week before recording next.   Ah  yes, recording… am finishing my CD this month too!  Taking this on will be a true challenge.   But I put it off year after year, and this time, I want to do it.

To catch up, I’ll first post a poem that I just edited/finalized- though I didn’t start it from scratch today.  I do promise to write and post 30 from scratch this month though!  This one harkens back to my days in Sacramento, riding my favorite cruiser, and being passed by a siren of a girl riding her cruiser too  😉

Grrl Cruising

Brunette beach is rolling in ~
no faster than a single speed
can crest, its smooth mint frame
and chrome shiny handle bars
grabbed wide for laying back
riding low and just before beyond,
behind everything that once


Phase un-phasing, cycle un-snaking
sinoidal.  Unflappable, she rides

~ oscillation onyx ~

hair waving, turning wide, leaning into
the red, the highlight, the backside of creshendo,
apex basking in slow motion glow.

She rides in pocket & groove
between bell & basket
assailing swells on panting pavement
the magnanimous magnolia
& its julep on a cruiser~

polka dots scream- jumping from her dress
to mine, this thirst, this rhythm
this hands-free life.