Return of Muse 887

Of course I left you
deep          in New Mexico
that endless drive         a sea
of  mesas

the San Juans just in       view
you stopped for      dinner in Gallup       fried tacos Sopapillas in honey those visions
the ones that follow into       dreams        portal
from a picture

I knew I would leave
well before      sunrise          before
you made that        unnatural
turn          due north, RR 371
at Thoreau.

Don’t be mad      there was no     sign
besides        only one can fit     down
the sipapu*            at once

     Tara Linda. 2016

*Hopi word for the small opening in a Kiva; opening between worlds.





Heart – Filled

Two moons
and one solstice ago
his words came…


Two moons
and one solstice ago
his words came, woven in an Easterly
driven by frozen rain, unrelenting cold
they pushed West, gale force unyielding, sure
with 8 arms waving, hands cupped and overflowing
with nectar clear, light, soothing, sweet they pushed
head-on shadowed storms, unseen winds, inertia
up and over plains, mountains, heavy with mist,
each syllable, a ray of Sunlit compassion, multiplied hundreds more of itself~ traveled to the farthest coastal
cliffs, beyond bay and sea

Now the rain
Now the jasmine
blooms at night
Taralinda © 2015
Thank you Mikial.



is our first offering

is our first offering
praise, an open eye taking in
first light, space, color ~
A stretch, body’s first gift of
movement, vibration, cells alighting,
muscles expand, remembering~ Gratitude.
Warm contentment, Freedom before thought
weightless presence, first breath,
Joy ~ our ultimate prayer.

TaraLinda c.p. 2014



Fixer Elixir

she says IN all these sparks
I scatter your way …

Here we are, 13 days into National Poetry Month, and I’ve posted far less poetry than usual. I’m writing lots; incubating, exploring characters, dreams, forms, rhythms- but not feeling like anything is finished enough to post.  What’s so different this time?


she says   IN    all these sparks 

    I          scatter    your way             

just stop         thinking,           start

drinking  it all      down a little   

deeper, this juice, this                tincture,  salve

for the       soul.   You  want          the final fixer,    

Elixir, here I am-


Actually, writing is feeling really good now- and I’m thrilled April is here, I’m making more time for poetry.  Lots of inspiration, joy when I write, hunger for it all… but I have too many balls in the air to court my Muses properly. (Anyone else feel like this?) Feels like I need to submerge with the  Muses for awhile, a day (at least an hour! 😉  and not just quickie exercises or posts.

But one good thing- I’m writing song lyrics all over the place. No problem there. Our new project- Fistful of Stars, has about 12 new songs, and we wrote another 2 last week.  I love it when I get to write the lyrics to fit the emotional, energetic, kinetic feel of a song.  Mine or anyone else’s- pure joy.

Funny, what I posted about this time 2 years ago is spot on for me now as well:  A feeling that Muses are impatient with m–, all while I book gigs, plan a Summer Europe tour, cater to the Lyric Muses, plant my garden, and try to finish taxes… Ha!


Nothing kills Muses like taxes.

But there were so many great things about this week…. the Europe tour is coming together nicely; we’re working on videos. My garden is growing; and the hunter moon is lighting the skies.

“Jealous Muse 

Time for a million
& none for me- gives zero
to the bossa waiting patiently.
We could sip wine & light a fuse
taxes & death are no excuse.

Leaving~ 3 Short Forms

leave everyday,
so why tears
when you hug me

2 years ago, for NaPoWriMo, I was taken by the efje- a short poetry form of 5 lines said to have originated in the Netherlands.  Words- not syllables:



leave everyday,
so why tears
when you hug me

-5 Lines-

There he goes,
another friend
packing his truck, high
with all the things
we forgot to say.

– Random

Waving goodbye,
a slow motion blinks while
houses peel their paint in more ways
than we found Words
But all good wishes
all the same.





Iron Boy/ Silk Weaver~ Myth

Day 2 Prompt: NaPoWriMo: An uncommon myth~
Wind came whispering~ I am coming with storms,
fierce dark clouds in my command, will fill valleys, canyons, even arroyos with rivers-
And all will carry my waves, five days strong. Feel my way. See my words.

Based on NaPoWriMo’s Day 2 prompt: An uncommon myth. Native legend


Wind came whispering~ I am coming with storms,
fierce dark clouds in my command, will fill valleys, canyons, even arroyos with rivers-
And all will carry my waves, five days strong. Feel my way. See my words.

Boy thought of Her, the Great Weaver, cocoon filled, eggs awaiting
their day. Creator Spirit Spider- how will she thrive? I must go, he said, move her
from loss, destruction, this wayward wind, take her from this flood. Believe me. See me.

At cave’s entrance, Spider Woman felt Boy approach, stopped her spinning, saw his worry wearing raw a sweetgrass basket, hands and nerves, searching for words…
‘Iron Child, she said, where will you take me, me and my young to fill this world? Hear me, answer me.

Silk Maker- I must take you on a journey to Mesa, keep you safe. He began to untie her silks wrapped tight to Cocoon, unweaving each fiber from its hold. With trust, Mother Spider climbed atop Creation’s cocoon, let Boy gently lay them inside Basket. Sleep now, while I fly.

Clouds came. Chaos Wind with sand from moons away. Boy quickening his steps, outran wind, its deluge, ran until he saw Window on Worlds, highest mesa, but the ground before him was wild, a churning sea. Tumult. Spider could feel fear well up in Boy’s heart. Shhhh Boy, hold fast, hold tight.”

With this, Spider Woman threw one long thread, from her longest black arm, strong and high
over sea and wind to juniper of mesa. It’s thread thick, doubled and braided itself, triplet and taut, made a rope, a road, a bridge, a way, for Boy and his Basket. Iron Boy, Spider Woman and all of Creation.

Inspired by a story of a girl saving spiders and the Hopi Creation Myth. Spider Rock- Canyon DeChelly

613px-Spider_Rock_1     Spiders play important roles in the mythology of many Native American tribes. In Southwestern tribes, spiders are associated with the culturally important art of weaving, and wise spider goddesses give their assistance to the people as culture heroes. On the other hand, many Plains tribes feature Spider as a rough trickster god, ranging from an inappropriate but entertaining rogue in some stories to a violent and slightly deranged criminal in others. To the Osage, spiders were a special symbol of patience and endurance. To the Blackfoot, they represented intelligence and skilfulness. The Ojibwe associated spider webs with their dream catchers, a type of traditional hand-woven Ojibwe craft meant to filter out bad dreams which has become popular among many tribes today. And to many Native Americans, it still is considered bad luck to kill a spider today.

Spiders are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Spider Clans include the Hopi tribe, whose Spider Clan is named Kookyangwngyam or Koking-wungwa.