Day 12: Endless Rain

Rain poem/lyrics

“It is impossible to live
without poetry and color and love.”
Antoine St. Exupery

I miss the South for its dramatic storms. When the sky opens up with a deluge of pelting drops or giant hail, and it’s “hellfire & brimstone” in the skies.  And then it’s over.  We’re having a storm now, with a long slow rain.  And true to west coast ways, the lightning & thunder are slow rolling and taking their sweet time.  Two hours later and still a gentle storm.  😉      More lyrics…

You wake me up at 4 o’clock
saying, why stay asleep when we could talk
seems your head is full of dreams, it seems.

Open your eyes & the sky turns gray 
begin to speak down my window pain
first a mist and then a steady pour.

Rain rain, are you here to stay?
Seems you got a lot to say
so I’ll listen to you, all night/
all day…

Summer Jewelry Challenge- Reveal…

New Summer Jewelry- Inspired by Morning Glory blooms…

Artisan Charlene Sevier at the Bead Dreamer has put out a “Long Days of Summer” Jewelry challenge, and today is reveal day (drum roll please…).  I hinted of my inspiration in earlier posts;  the blooms of these impossibly gorgeous 2-tone morning glories seen here & on my banner.  & here is my piece~

I’ve never worked with bright purple & greens before.

The large filigree pendant is an Andrew Thornton original~ Crown Postale series- patina finished brass with a cool European vintage stamp inlay.  Stones are amethyst “wings” and rounds, amazonite, chrysophase,  crystal, and ribbon from fellow Etsy artisan Abby&Ellie

I call this one “Rock ‘n Roll Royalty”- the regal colors of a morning glory, ready to fly,   a lil’ wild ;).

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Summer~Purple Hues

The constant, understated beauty of morning glories inspires beauty, vitality, strength…

Every day

no matter news or

cloud covered

fog,  you greet me

all the same-

purple blooms.

                                                  July 16

Just a climbing weed he says,

nothing special about this one.

I lower his arm of rusty shears

intent to align.

Through a fortnight of grey

steady rejections,

these blooms, always the first

to greet, wave and say

the same thing

every morning (all day long)-

hope here         blooms full

two-tone hues

purple and eternal-

say                                 keep your heart



July 21st

I know… I keep posting these morning glories.  But their vines have truly overtaken the place, make a statement of the whole fenceline, all bushes & honeysuckle entwined- inspiring with their quiet strength & constant color.  It is humbling- I’ve never seen them bloom all day like this before (I thought it was supposed to be morning phenomena? ;).   Beauty all day, every day.

So these constant flowers and this photo= Summer for me.  I will use these to inspire the jewelry piece for my first jewelry challenge by the Bead Dreamer, and reveal the jewelry these morning glories inspired, here on my blog on August 13th.