Micro Verse~ Macro Mystery (Guess Which one…)

Too many moons

have passed

since I walked this path

      with you.

Yet, Mystery and Beauty~

our shared 


still blossom.


Can you guess what mysterious beauty this is?   (HINT: It is from a real object- not abstract art).  The first person to guess, I will gift you a free digital CD download- of your choice from here, digital download only.  If you already have my music, we’ll figure something else out.

In getting ready for National Poetry Month, I’m going to re-grease the blogging wheels. MUCH to show for my absence. Will get back to recognizing ‘new’ artists, and past post features: Artists Crush, Inspired in Oakland, Musical Musings, New Jewelry updates & some surprises.  What blogs/topics are inspiring you lately? I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and others to come!

Mondays, Macro, and Drum Solos

Mondays are always special because we have a full band rehearsal. …and because of seeing something very up close and personal from the weekend before… and because of drums. You can either see drum solos on my FB, or like/vote/comment to see them here.

Mondays are always special because we have a full band rehearsal.  Being around my band family makes me all warm & fuzzy inside; I would do anything for these guys & grrrls.  All the study and work they have done all lifelong, times 5 people- on drums, bass, guitar, sax/clarinet, trumpet/clarinet- is all crammed into my little dining room (sans table)- and everyone plays their hearts out.  I may write the music, but these are the magic makers that make me want to sing. 🙂 After practice, we all cram around the kitchen table for a quick lunch before everyone takes off into the week.  Many of them will have several rehearsals & gigs all week. It is very grounding start to the week; friends, music, & food on Mondays. One day, I will remember to take pics.  But here is the studio…

music studio1097

And Mondays are about little things: like looking through weekend pics to find something I saw up close and personal.


And Mondays are special because of drums: I am getting back to the habit of posting a special drum solo on my TL music Facebook page. You can either click on this page to see; (click “like”, button on the right- & add to your list of pages to be notified).

OR If you would rather see drum solos here on Mondays- & if enough people say ‘Yeah!’,  then I will post them here too.  Why drums? I started there musically, singing behind the kit.  The love affair goes on.  Rhythm rules!!!

Last week, I posted this:

More macro here…


Bulb-Diving into Fall: Macro to Cosmic

From Macros to Cosmos. Re-designing my studio, and Über-Excited for Fall!!! Creative fruits coming next…

Taken along the canal in Amsterdam, with my phone camera. I love how the morning sun is captured in the center of a flower at just the right angle…

All I can say about the last weeks of Summer, since coming home from tour- is that I’ve felt like a moth who’s’ bulb-diving a dozen different light sources at the same time- in fear of even one of them going out!  I came back from Europe’s tour SO insanely high with inspiration from the places & (mostly) people that I met, that I dove into a ridiculous number of projects (more instruments, new songs, recording, new jewelry designs & restocking Three Muses, planning new tours, playing with new musicians…), that I dared not slow down to talk about it.  Fear of death I think it’s called.  And then I got sick. And exhausted with definitely nothing to talk about then-Ha!!  But mostly, it’s been the kind of Summer where the ‘Go outside & play!’ mantra held sway over status updates & blogging.   Geeky and true.

Add to this kaleidoscope, my annual summer garden yielded a single tomato and is almost completely dead now.  I guess traveling musicians shouldn’t do gardens (hard for me to admit, since I normally have happy gardens.)

But since that gorgeous Blue Moon has come & gone (NASA photo),  the pendulum has swung.  Officially. I’ve been cleaning house- in many ways (yes!).  Re-designing my studio, and am Über-EXcited for Fall!!!  Creative fruits coming next…

Please clink on the Macro link here to see all the other fine macro shots at Studio Weatherstone.

The Heart of a Passion Flower

Having moved over winter when the back yard was mostly bramble, spindly vines, and leafless trees- spring blooms and new foliage are showing us exactly what plants are thriving around us now.

Turns out, one of my all-time favorite vines is hugging tight against the back fence; Passion flower! One with white blooms. I’ve only seen the purple ones, but Passiflora has over 500 varieties. I wrote about the first one I ever met, in Tenacious like a passion flower.  This one on our fence carries a quiet beauty.  No matter the color, they all look otherworldly to me, like spaceships waiting to take off, complex and multi-layered.  AND my house guest now tells me that this plant, its leaves, makes a good tincture for anxiety, and really works.

   And who would have guessed, that on the backside of passion, is a big, green, succulent heart?

I like the little hole in the heart.  So all the passion can escape?  ;).

OK, so I’m in love with PicMonkey; the newest photo editing software on the block- reincarnated & remolded. Fun to use. They have the coolest old processing film effects, and even collage. Fast & intuitive.Yay!!!

National Poetry Month- 30 Poems/30 days

I love that Spring is the kick-off; and that our host continues to kindly host; and that the poetry community is growing. I like how NaPoWriMo formalizes a daily commitment to write, & for me, to take those daily scribbles into an actual post ^..^ . I love discovering other poets work from all over the world.

Yay for April!  National Poetry Month, and Day 2 of NaPoWriMo’s 30 poems in 30 days challenge.  So I have 2 poems for today. And a wee macro. 😉

I love that Spring is the kick-off for National Poetry Month; and that our hosts continue to kindly host; and that the poetry community is growing.  I like how NaPoWriMo formalizes a daily commitment to write, & for me, to take those daily scribbles into an actual post ^..^  .  I love discovering other poets work from all over the world.

Similar to last year, for the month, my poems may be buried in a post, or disguised as lyrics and verse. Other times, they are what I call “poetry pebbles”: small bits written fast, without rules, form, or destination…

Poem #1: inspired by Jaya King’s watercolor, “Cheep”.

Tiny bird
tangerine teal
I see that worm shimmy
glitter up your hat as if
is here     or your birthday
or a song you can’t stop
singing… “I’m No. 1, I’m No.1, I’m No. 1”

in Joy major.

Poem #2: Last week’s Wordle #49

Junk Yard Romance

Was it witchcraft or high art-

some quantum physical proof of
attraction in action, unbidden joy brewing
tender under a desert night sky?

Mechanical you, the alchemist under my
64-Chevy, roll out to say, how you miss
the South~ pecan pie and pralines~  just having
tightened the axle, replaced a hose~ cracked for supple~
tapped a gauge, and sprinkled white powder
over oiled juices.  The clean sweep         we both

needed, busy work behind a score of softly said
words…change, destruction, loss.       Desertion
is like the Pecos wind, we both agree;     covers dreams
with a fine, constant dust.             Endless.

“Remove those acids?” your deep blue eyes move
from chalk white battery to my new dress… No need,
I’ve some acumen, we joke. You set up appointments,
one next week, “to make sure” you say quietly.
I nod yes, seeing the store on the way home
with the best pecans, vanilla, brown sugar.

© 2012 Tara Linda. VS6

from artist Michael C. McMillen.