Rolling with Summer: 1

This has been an eventful Summer so far, we played a crazy fun world music fest in El Cerrito, CA, and the front door has been non-stop revolving with family visits. WoooHOOO!


Musically speaking, things have been up and down; a big Europe tour AND a jazz and wine fest we were to headline- were BOTH cancelled last month. Heart breaking. But I’m now enjoying every second of a  6-show tour in Texas… Yippee!! I wrote this just before leaving town..

The one constant,

thread through it all, beyond

uncertainty, change, helicopters overhead

bad news or sweet~ is pervasive sun,

and warm dirt beneath my toes, both

revealing so much beauty, flora blooming flourish

booming warm garden with and 

without slugs- bursting blooms, weeds or fruit

layered green, happy

growing, growing all the same.  

This post is inspired by illustrator/Chef Stella’s sweet post asking us all: What’s growing in your garden…


Mine is spread out front and back- with a small patch, and various pots about. These are pics from awhile back, but are on my phone now, – will update with more recent ones when I get home. Tomatoes, squash, and rhubarb!

a-garden 3agarden-2

I love traveling & performing, but I miss my BoyBeast, my girl Chula, and my garden. 😉

Thank you to all who keep reading these sporadic posts!! Texas updates from the road next.