Celebrating October

October activities include, planting tons of flowers, camping, Fall purging (like spring cleaning), building my Day of the dead alter, and making special jewelry for the holiday. I love October so much, I could marry it. And this just might be the dress I’d wear.

If you’ve been following my blog for at least a year, then you know of my love affair with October;   hands down the best month for celebrations!  On the list to celebrate are:  Fall, an anniversary, my birthday, my self-appointed New Year’s, Halloween, and Dia de Los Muertos– which carries the joy into November by a week.  October activities include, planting tons of flowers, camping, Fall purging (like spring cleaning), building my Day of the dead alter, and making special jewelry for the holiday.  I love October so much, I could marry it.  And this just might be the dress I’d wear.

It’s made out of paper!- wood block prints and papel picado.  I like it because the dress looks both Indian and Mexican in design.

What is there not to love about this, the tenth month?  The minutia of the change of seasons is fascinating enough; the colors of change in leaves and landscape everywhere you look- from the ground to the trees and sky.  The winds come, the first rains and storms of the season along with cooler and shorter days, and with it all comes that desire to pull in— to conserve energy.

This year, I feel a need to un-scatter, to nest and read more—in short, to slow down and make ready for the encroaching cold and darkness.  To some this may all sound dismal and macabre, but I feel the natural resistance of inertia- just before the inevitable turn of the wheel; the spiral on its way to something new.  Thus, my need to clear some head space, to simplify, to un-clutter my studio and make room for it. Whatever “it” will be.


October holds my ‘New Year’s day’ because I tend to tether down my dreams into goals and plans around my birthday, instead of in January.  So when the birthday comes, more than tripping about age, I check in (sometimes reluctantly) about whether I got anywhere in the dreaming department.  If not, no worries- I have about 75 days before Jan. 1 to do something about it; to either jump start, finish, or fine-tune what I hoped to do.

We’ve been planting lots lately.  Thankfully, Oakland is temperate; bulbs are confused and are coming up again, and we can plant winter gardens now. In preparation for Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead festivities, I plant as many marigolds as possible, inside and out of the house.  Besides brightening up the place- they will decorate my alter again this year.  Why marigolds for the Day of the Dead holiday?

“Flowers, symbolizing the brevity of life, are massed and fashioned into garlands, wreaths and crosses to decorate the altar… The marigold is the most traditional flower of the season. In Aztec times it was called the cempasuchil, the “flower of 400 lives.”  The fragrance of the cempasuchil leads the spirits home… (www.mexconnect.comhttp://www.mexconnect.com/articles/1427

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Only When we Tarry – Macro and Rilke

“We set the pace
But this press of time–
take it as a little thing
next to what endures.

All this hurrying
soon will be over.
Only when we tarry do we touch the holy.
See how all things are at rest–
darkness and morning light,
blossom and book.”

Part One. XXII- Sonnets to Orpheus, Rainer Maria Rilke. (In Praise of Mortality, translated by Anita Barrows & Joanna Macy)

This book is an awesome combined translation of Rilke’s Duino Elegies and Sonnets to Orpheus. Not sure why, but these delicate, poetic reminders of impermanence are really comforting now. Maybe with Fall and changing seasons…thoughts of what matters…the little things.  Always nice to be reminded to “tarry”, linger and loiter.

Clink the pink flower to check out other cool Macro shots.


Leaves, Lava, Olive and Rust; new Jewelry for Fall

new Fall jewelry!

Twice this summer I brought my finished jewelry on the road to sell at shows; necklaces, earrings, bracelets – all laid- next to CDs on the merch table. In Germany, I think folks bought nearly all I had.  I forgot to bring anything to present everything on (doh!).  But folks must have had great imagination. Or deep empathy.  Maybe it was the ability to wear and model amid close friends before buying.

Pieces that went to new homes…

New Inspirations for Three Muses:   Leaves & Biwa pearls with tourmaline.

Lava Tube Caves of Modoc County inspired me to use Basha’s basaltic black dichronic glass beads. And I’m craving making sterling chains again…

I love how she makes tiny batches of whatever the Muse inspires.  Even if you ask her to recreate something, it will be different than before.  Que bien.

These large gorgeous olive pearls are Fall-ish & fun.   I’ll add some with rust too.  It’s time to stop hoarding. Fall is a great reminder for that.

I’m going to be teaching at the new beadshop beginning tomorrow. Eeek!  Though I’ve worked at a beadstore, teaching basics to a group is a new concept. And these classes are intensives- 3 hours!  2xEEK. Small groups.  Selfishly, I hope to learn things from the other teachers and students.  I’m ready to kick things up a notch.


ColorSwirl: Fall Poem

Today the wind has a message for him-

the one with measured steps
between leaf lined streets
consumed and moving,        outside                himself

walking straight lines on squares,        deep
in the wonder of

-or the why of it.


cascade                  like rain

around  him,

a colorswirl.   All the Fall             he’s

ever known

in one leaf.