Dreaming in Marseille

I never expected
to fall like this      not
for dated charms
in primary colors-
your flattened edges   clean

But for a certain Witch
in Copenhagen, I park my punk      agree
to meet       let you        in      even
take you often         to bed

And each night that I      hold you
tuck you between       sheets      you slip
to dreams   you offer

prismatic stars       linguistic strings
strange tongued      dignitaries
arriving all night   until I begin to savor
the gardens    soirees   your maritime stories
told by the stables    a kiss      the smell of leather
Parisian wines                  horse dung

                                       Tara Linda 4/2/2017


Tarot Deck: The tarot of Jacques Viéville, 1650, by Patrick Coq




Return of Muse 887

Of course I left you
deep          in New Mexico
that endless drive         a sea
of  mesas

the San Juans just in       view
you stopped for      dinner in Gallup       fried tacos Sopapillas in honey those visions
the ones that follow into       dreams        portal
from a picture

I knew I would leave
well before      sunrise          before
you made that        unnatural
turn          due north, RR 371
at Thoreau.

Don’t be mad      there was no     sign
besides        only one can fit     down
the sipapu*            at once

     Tara Linda. 2016

*Hopi word for the small opening in a Kiva; opening between worlds.





After the Rains

I hope this New Year has begun well for you, Friends. My wish may seem late, but since I tend to spread out my new year celebrations over several weeks between the first new moon, through Chinese New Year (last weekend), and into the Tibetan New Year (starts Feb 27)- I’d say my wish is right on time. 😉  As my Mum would say: Child, keep Celebrating!!!moon-casting-sheet-1-1024x1024

Source: Carrie Paris

This year began a bit differently- in retreat, on the Northern Cali coast.

Sitting in Rain

How many drops

can this silence hold?

Waves. An Ocean. Minds eye

draws the curtain, sheets of intention

falling to earth. Grey beyond

grey, thirst beyond deluge.

How many raindrops in one breath?

The empty gourd, turns its mouth

receptive, for all sensation to

overflow. Holding

Emptiness. Infinite

gush. Space.

 Tara Linda © 2017

These rains, of course long overdue to our thirsty Cali lands, have been shocking in abundance, a delightful respite from a 5 year drought. The psyche, mountains, and ground water tables are all happy. Personally, to recharge via silence when the world parties in a New Year-ha! Highly recommended.


2016 was a creatively and musically fairly quiet;  I passed up our usual EU summer tour, radio promo and tour for our latest CD,  and US shows, all to spend more time on the home front with family and friends. There’s nothing like death or a dying parent to get you thinking of the value of putting your house in order so to speak. So 2016 was more of all that. I didn’t want to have regrets, or leave anyone else with any, when it matters. I realized that it really doesn’t take much to say ‘hey, I appreciate you’, or to find as many ways to say goodbye inside someone else’s shrinking space. And yet we all keep so busy. And so we just don’t. Realizing this made 2016 full.

ON the HORIZON:  New music of course! I have projects to finish for others who have commissioned songs (yep- getting back to it, creating time to create, starting this month). I have a revamped studio courtesy of my very supportive music engineer, and can’t wait to start recording again along new & unexpected directions. There are new songs begun for a follow up Tortilla Western CD.

And some work that is entirely different too (hint: no vocals 😉

One current inspiration for this later direction is composer performer Nicolas Jaar.he works with a huge sonic vocabulary as an electronic writer- interesting stuff. I recommend streaming his CDs on Tidal (https://listen.tidal.com/artist/3832155 ), a music streaming service if you haven’t heard, that was begun by musicians for musicians. Tidal was heavily promoted by Prince because  we get paid for our music better than the others.

Writing wise, I am enjoying the challenge of sonicscapes and backdrops built in real time, as Nicolas does if you see him live. He writes long pieces that build with vast libraries; chill, world music, jazz, voice and dialog, classical, all placed within the the usual electronic genres. This is excellent ambient background music; on the videos- if you don’t like something, just skip ahead. 😉

I have several new projects in the works for 2017 too. Of course, the 52 Poems a Year project begins again with this post. And there are 2 other blogs of projects Ii just started as well, that I will spill the beans on, next post.

Wishing you an AMAAZING New Year filled with Joy, Mystery, and Creative Abundance!!


Thank YOU for visiting this blog!

Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar & CD-2017!

Thank god for accordion babes. And women who keep writing music; the world is going to be a better place for it. This is unquestionably the best holiday gift I’ve given family and friends;  practical and fun, they love me more for it each year.  R.D.- Alaska

2017accordionbabescalendarGive the gift that keeps on Squeezing!!

Yes- after an eventful year off, traveling states and Provinces, evading authorities, accepting marriage proposals, recording and touring the world- the Accordion Babes are BACK with accordions in tow!

Now in its 8th year, this underground 2017 Accordion Babes Calendar and CD  of 12 female-led bands featuring at least one “babe” playing accordion- is now a global tradition!  This new 2017 Calendar/CD features Accordionistas from the Bay Area to Brazil, from Louisiana to France, all doing what they do best: taking the accordion into NEW territory while squeezing their way into hearts and homes around the world!



Showcasing the talented, fun, sensual, often underground, and ALWAYS entertaining Accordion Babes, the Calendar includes a pro-compilation music CD- with one original new song that each of us has written and recorded the previous year. You’ll hear everything from Cumbias, French rock, Celtic-tinged madness, to sea shanty torch, Plus!



Thank you!~ For supporting women musicians and our newest, lively and original musical creations. Always made with Love.  Get your calendar here!

Photos featured are from previous years calendars. Here is one of me mailing from the road; the Elvis Elves and I are all caught up with orders.


Sappho’s Muse


Muse awoke

You promised me a poem

I faltered…no time-

Then read your Sappho! she whirled

Leave your fragments, crumbs to Air!

Tanka. ©Tara Linda


I’m enjoying this awesome new book~ Searching for Sappho by Philip Freeman. I like it because in addition to offering her poems, it presents her fragments within a cultural construct; what could have been happening in and around Sappho on Lesbos and elsewhere in the region, notably Sparta and Athens, as she was living and writing? What could have influenced and inspired her? What were the marriage ceremonies that she wrote so much about? What is a possible cultural basis of the last Sappho poem found- as evidenced by other neighboring Greek writers, existing histories (that were not burned), and the writers who came later quoting Sappho in their poetry courses and writings in ways more complete than her found fragments show. What is news to me is that while she had her detractors, yes, there were more who respected her- masters, Aristotle among them- who held her poems, songs, and words as a supreme example of a highly skilled poet who equaled and surpassed the writers of her day, in voice, complex Greek forms and technique, as well as output.  This book is a fast read; highly recommended. Even if your Muses spurn you for not wanting to put it down to write for them. 😉




Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal #2: Nomad, Allegory Gallery

As promised, here is the second challenge reveal for the Nomad Jewelry Challenge Kit from Allegory Gallery.

Here was the starting kit, sans secret pendant.

Nomadkit- Collage

The first item; simple but my super fun; I added Saki Silver earwires.


I’ll post more goodies when I have better light for photos. Thank you Andrew & William! 😉

Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal- Grove- Allegory Gallery

There’s nothing like a jewelry challenge with an Allegory Gallery Design kit to pull me away from sage harvesting and back to my jewelry table! It has been awhile since I’ve taken on one of Andrew Thornton’s challenges, so I thought I’d do 2 to make up for lost time 😉

Here is the first reveal, the kit is called Grove, and there will be a competition among the Tribe members who took it on (I’m entering the necklace for this one).  Will post the 2nd kit’s makings today before midnight. So come back!

Here was the Grove Jewelry kit (sans pendant).

GroveTrive Collage

The day it arrived, I was organizing my studio and putting away some beads. It was pure accident that an amber strand grazed the background of the opened box: I knew immediately the 2 belonged together…





I just LOVE this pendant that Andrew Thornton made! Exquisite yes?  Two trees growing together in a grove. The amber beads- this light color- goes juicy perfect with the color palate Andrew chose! For me, amber is about SUN!, sunlight, Joy, finding pleasure in this moment while we have it. Combined with this Grove pendant; it says, we grow strong together, yes, And we carry our own elixir for healing, strength and joy. Love it!

The added amber also harkens back to a memory: years ago, I asked Andrew who was off for the Tucson shows, if he could kindly shop amber for me. That opened a HUGE window into working with amber- for the first time. 😉

On to bracelet and earrings.



I’ll come back to add links and add the NEXT challenge (RED:BLACK), later today. And then I promise to show other creative projects that keep me away from my computer… Woo-Hoo!! Hello Creative SUMMER!

Now that music is calming down, I’ll be stocking new baubles to my shop in the coming weeks ThreeMusesJewelry