Living Glacier; Blue Ice

New jewelry inspired by blue ice and living glaciers.

Today I’m inspired by glaciers, and living blue ice.

I found these pics looking for something else, and realized I never posted anything from my Alaska tour. So here are just a few from Glacier Bay National Park & Exit Glacier, near Anchorage.

The day we were there, one glacier in the Bay was making lots of noise-  cracks, rumbles, vibration- with periodic bits falling into the water.  The naturalists said that this movement and shift is what makes the glacier living and is everyday activity- not due to global warming per say- but a daily and seasonal expansion and contraction of the glacier itself.  This movement they said was caused by lots of things; whats going on underground (tectonic shifts with the land and ice flows underneath); gravity; side to side movements with other glaciers; and surface changes on top (sun, heat, air temp, more snow).   Amazing to think of the ground as alive and breathing.  😉

Several otter play on ice in front of our boat.     I love this poetic description of living ice and glaciers;

This amazing blue ice has me thinking of aquamarine, kyanite, and fossil stones…

Here are a few new  bracelets inspired by blue ice glaciers and the rich life all around them; evergreens, otters, pearls, oysters, & icy waters.  I’ll post these to my Etsy store soon.

Beauty in the New Year

What a fine new year this will be.  I can feel it.

Though I’ve been terrible about writing lately, (and there is soo very much going on that I will be posting about soon–new Music, Muses, poetry…)

But  for now, I petition the Muses for a bountiful new year; one that will be spilling over for All of us with;

More Community, Love, & Friendship;

More Poetry;

Mas Musica & Celebration;

More Creativity;

More Adventure;

More Beauty;

& more Stillness from which to drink it all from….

Wishing you All~ the Sweetest of the Best in 2012~ Happy New Year!   Thank you for hanging with me in the new year~ 😉

Atlantic Warmth

Recently back from a week in the Outer Banks, NC. The area was new to me with its endless small beach towns and picturesque beaches. New jewelry inspired by treasures that might wash up on the beach…

Recently back from a week in the Outer Banks, NC.  The area was new to me with its endless small beach towns and picturesque beaches.

What a treat to swim in a warm ocean!  Compared to our chilled Pacific, it was a dream; no double wetsuits with hoodies required, no “red triangle” of white sharks to keep south of, just simple, perfectly warm,  walk-out-in-the-waves wonderful.

Enjoyed family, sweet nieces/nephews,

cool  sandcastles,  daily swims, and all those delectable Atlantic coast delicacies; snapper, flounder, scallops.  Walking the beach, I fell in love again with the sandpipers and other shorebirds~






We couldn’t drive to Cape Hatteras National Seashore because Hwy 12 was still blown out from hurricane Irene, but all looked back to normal for the northern stretch.  The skies changed as we left; humbling to think of the ocean raging like that.

JT told me that the storm might just wash up doubloons… which inspired this piece.  😉     Made of jasper, amazonite, wood bits, fossilized limestone. The large stoneware pendant is from Black Mud Studio, and the stamped sun coin is an Andrew Thornton original.

Here’s to Summer…

While recording & mixing between studios this Summer, I’ve gotten completely behind posting about life in between.  So I’ll do just a few before conceding to Fall.

I am beyond reluctant to see Summer go; I remain in denial, craving walking barefoot just a lil’ longer, wearing skirts a lil’ longer, more bike rides.  And finishing my album by the self-imposed deadline of “Summer” with its many-houred days.  But C’est la vie, eh? 😉

So here’s to Summer~

I’m happy for the opportunities to stop and see the poppies with friends and family passing through.

A big highlight was me Mum’s birthday visit to CA. Especially cool things about Mum…

she wears fun shades







she loves good food  😉  (best-ever corn fritters at FogCity Diner, SF).

She loves to discover a good happy hour (mojitos @ Havana’s in Alameda).

City treks with more eating…

Road trips to new places… “Jenner by the Sea”
And further north, the old logging town of Duncan Mills, Jim & Willie’s antique shop

Relaxing between celebrations,

Oh, and she test runs my new jewelry designs. 😉

Finished Mixing~ 13 new songs!

Eeeeee! Just back from Texas mixing the new jazzy blues album!

SO excited to now have  13 new songs, all mixed and ready to be mastered next.  Almost an hour’s worth of music!  Woo. (Hope the producer lets me keep it all…)

It has taken awhile and much traveling between states & studios. I recorded the first 9 songs with mostly new musicians (Producer’s choice) at one of his favorite Texas studios- Gospa Records. I brought our guitar player- Az- in April/May. I thought I would record only 1 more song here in CA., but the Muses kept coming ;), so I wrote more song, picked out four, and recorded them with my CA band at two more studios here in Oaktown (Future Vintage & Wally Sound)-over the last 3 months.  I’ll post on those Muses soon.

But now- I feel both scream-out-loud exhilaration & RELIEF!! There are 2 things in the budding life of a new song that bring on this joy. The first one, the very first excitement, is to hear your song played by a full band of amazing musicians for the first time. Before that, it’s just me just singing along to just bass or uke. But when the energy of 4-5 other musicians brings a song to life- it’s pure magic. Aah! I’ve been known to bounce off walls out-of-control, squealing with glee.

The second moment of pure unadulterated joy in the life of a new song is getting to that final mix that goes on the CD/album.

All songs start out with the first energy the Muse brought, (and for me, I try to never stray far from that first spark- even going through all the next steps. )  Those next steps being:  find the producer you hope will feel your vision, find the right studio for the sound you want (with the right room, best engineer), the best musicians available.  Then you ask for certain instruments (i.e. stand-up bass or electric bass), equipment (special mics, certain amps).  Then everyone comes together, plays their hearts out for maybe 1-3 takes live (no overdubs). Then we add a few overdubs.  Pick the best takes together- and everyone goes home.  Lastly, me with either the engineer, producer, or both- fiddle with knobs & levels to dial in just right the sound we had when we played it live in the studio.

So one major milestone down- Eeeeeeeeeeee! Pure joy. ;)))))

Now off to play a show…

Me Llama Llama

Driving home last week, stayed with friends in Oregon for an amazing week in the woods. Time seemed to slow so we could savor it.  All was crazy dusty hot until the last night when the weather changed suddenly, bringing the first cool winds of Fall.

and I met someone very special…

First you nuzzle and then you gnaw
the greyboard sill beneath my window.
I open my eyes to see- cabin walls, grey light,
nearly sunrise, your long furry neck and pointy
ears…or is it horns?- peering in.  I rub my eyes to see
what it is that you might be-

Don’t you sleep-in
me llama llama?

When water runs and the kettle sounds
you come running to face whoever is at the stove
ears on end, alert and waiting, staring
while we talk, dress, make ready.  Observant, patient, chewing like a camel, and smarter than a horse-
what spirit fills you
me llama llama?

By week’s end I am smitten~ your daily visits, crooked teeth,
lazy right eye, breath steaming the windows,
how you move with the shadow of our cabin.
We hear you empty the cat’s bowl again, and  smile-
tired of grass
me llama llama?

Click to see this guy- even closer!! 😉

Directions to The Last Town

Directions to the last town in California.
As you drive, you’ll see a sign. It’s a small
sign, for the last town in California- says
Hilt- but there is no town there. No…

As you drive, you’ll see a sign,

the last exit in California, it’s a small

sign, for the last town in California- says

Hilt- but there is no town there

anymore.  No, no town.  But take it anyway.

And don’t worry- we’ll have

everything you


This poem comes from directions- nearly word for word, given by a friend over the phone.