Recording the Sea~ Bat for Lashes

Place plays a huge roll in drawing and keeping the Muses close: makes sense that place should be a natural part of the recording process.

I love how singer-writer Natasha of band Bat For Lashes chronicles how she included the Big Sur waves into her recording process for “Sea and Sand.”  I’m at the place in my recording- where my producer says “hey- lots of songs about or in water here…how about the ocean?”  Yes Please.  😉

Place plays a huge roll in drawing and keeping the Muses close: makes sense that place should be a natural part of the recording process.  But, it is rare that the our producers/engineers allow such luxury  😉

Finished Mixing~ 13 new songs!

Eeeeee! Just back from Texas mixing the new jazzy blues album!

SO excited to now have  13 new songs, all mixed and ready to be mastered next.  Almost an hour’s worth of music!  Woo. (Hope the producer lets me keep it all…)

It has taken awhile and much traveling between states & studios. I recorded the first 9 songs with mostly new musicians (Producer’s choice) at one of his favorite Texas studios- Gospa Records. I brought our guitar player- Az- in April/May. I thought I would record only 1 more song here in CA., but the Muses kept coming ;), so I wrote more song, picked out four, and recorded them with my CA band at two more studios here in Oaktown (Future Vintage & Wally Sound)-over the last 3 months.  I’ll post on those Muses soon.

But now- I feel both scream-out-loud exhilaration & RELIEF!! There are 2 things in the budding life of a new song that bring on this joy. The first one, the very first excitement, is to hear your song played by a full band of amazing musicians for the first time. Before that, it’s just me just singing along to just bass or uke. But when the energy of 4-5 other musicians brings a song to life- it’s pure magic. Aah! I’ve been known to bounce off walls out-of-control, squealing with glee.

The second moment of pure unadulterated joy in the life of a new song is getting to that final mix that goes on the CD/album.

All songs start out with the first energy the Muse brought, (and for me, I try to never stray far from that first spark- even going through all the next steps. )  Those next steps being:  find the producer you hope will feel your vision, find the right studio for the sound you want (with the right room, best engineer), the best musicians available.  Then you ask for certain instruments (i.e. stand-up bass or electric bass), equipment (special mics, certain amps).  Then everyone comes together, plays their hearts out for maybe 1-3 takes live (no overdubs). Then we add a few overdubs.  Pick the best takes together- and everyone goes home.  Lastly, me with either the engineer, producer, or both- fiddle with knobs & levels to dial in just right the sound we had when we played it live in the studio.

So one major milestone down- Eeeeeeeeeeee! Pure joy. ;)))))

Now off to play a show…

Summer Jewelry Challenge- Reveal…

New Summer Jewelry- Inspired by Morning Glory blooms…

Artisan Charlene Sevier at the Bead Dreamer has put out a “Long Days of Summer” Jewelry challenge, and today is reveal day (drum roll please…).  I hinted of my inspiration in earlier posts;  the blooms of these impossibly gorgeous 2-tone morning glories seen here & on my banner.  & here is my piece~

I’ve never worked with bright purple & greens before.

The large filigree pendant is an Andrew Thornton original~ Crown Postale series- patina finished brass with a cool European vintage stamp inlay.  Stones are amethyst “wings” and rounds, amazonite, chrysophase,  crystal, and ribbon from fellow Etsy artisan Abby&Ellie

I call this one “Rock ‘n Roll Royalty”- the regal colors of a morning glory, ready to fly,   a lil’ wild ;).

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Winner for Guitar Strap GiveAway!

Guitar Strap winner! Jamz originals.

Thanks to those who participated.

Christine Sotelo is the winner of the May Jamz Original Guitar strap giveaway~  Yay Christine!!  Leave me your email either here or, so that you can place your order with Jamz right away to get your stylish new guitar strap!

Can you believe it’s June 1st!  May just jetted by.  Aay!  I’m going to stay in my May mindset for just a lil’ longer… pure denial 🙂 May showers, Spring, blooming newness, projects begun, buzzing to get them done…

This is a pic taken in Singapore some years back, looking down off of a bridge. This man mended umbrellas. Everyday in the afternoon, warm rains would shower the city. He seemed  so content working in the rain.

May Guitar Strap GiveAway- by Jamz Originals

May Guitar Strap giveaway! jamz originals- post to win

Jamz Originals is giving away 1 free guitar strap- your choice of style  this month ($35 value).

I’m enjoying  2 now that I use for my bass and ukulele. These straps are fun, well made and hand-crafted of fabric & leather.  I  like how Jamz uses cool original fabric designs-way different from the usual stuff at the music stores, and that they are made by a small business here in the US.   To win your own Jamz Original guitar strap- it’s easy!

1) just go to Jamz Originals store here to pick out your favorite style- come back here & post a comment telling me which one you like best.  (I can’t decide!!) For extra chances to win:

2) go to their Facebook page Jamz Guitar Straps– and hit Like; come back here and post;

3) Tell your friends- Tweet it, FaceBook it, and/or Blog it- come back here & post a comment saying what you did.

That’s it!  But be sure to leave me your email address so that I can contact you when you win.  The deadline is May 31st.  I will post the randomly drawn winner here on June 1st.

(Makes a great graduation gift…;)

Check out up to 40 other styles- like the new Navajo design…