Oakland’s Spring and Robert Raushenberg at the SF MOMA

Perfect for spring; blooms in Oakland and inspiration from the SF MOMA…large and memorable, the Robert Raushenberg retrospecitive.

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Here is what’s ‘growing on’ in the garden.

I know, some of you may be rolling your eyes, fed up with the blustery winds, sleet, and snow of this week where you live. But allow me just a few photos of the Northern Pacific Coast to cheer you up; this is what is soon coming your way: warmth, Sun, and color!!

And ever so spring-like, I’m happy to say that inspiration is also coming round to my studio lately, especially for writing and poetry (which is always the precursor, the sister Muse to my musical inspirations. Whew!)  I do have projects to finish this Spring. I think I alluded to the lull earlier; family stuff last year kind of drove things quiet for a bit. I’m not one to to make art in times of intensity or drama. Not for public consumption anyway. So hopefully my Muses will honor me with some quality time this month.

But I’m excited by one major spark to my world lately- seeing the art  retrospective of Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules at the San Francisco MOMA last month. It roused my artistic doldrums with curiosity about other art mediums, got me dusting off pens and ink wells, and has me journaling lots of late. Woo Hoo!

If you are close to San Fran, you must go see Raushenberg’s work: It’s wonderful! Big color, wild textures, giant works and small zippered pieces, a feast of artistic styles, photography, and sculpture.  I just love it when a museum is filled wing after wing, room to room with the chapters of an artist’s life. Those are always the most powerful exhibits.

Artwork image, Robert Rauschenberg, Port of Entry

In the MOMA’s words “From the 1940s until his passing in 2008, Rauschenberg worked with everything from photography to items scavenged from New York City streets to vats of bubbling mud. More than 150 of Rauschenberg’s artworks, including prints, sculptures, paintings, and Combines (works that incorporate painting and sculpture),” are on exhibit. And he was a rule-breaker of sorts. He “broke down boundaries between disciplines, anticipated many of the defining cultural and social issues of our time, and redefined what art could be…”   Exhibit details.

And give yourself a couple of days to enjoy it all; this really is one of those exhibitions where multiple visits benefit; the shear magnitude of offerings is huge. I know I’ll catch things I missed the next time I see it.

Sappho’s Muse


Muse awoke

You promised me a poem

I faltered…no time-

Then read your Sappho! she whirled

Leave your fragments, crumbs to Air!

Tanka. ©Tara Linda


I’m enjoying this awesome new book~ Searching for Sappho by Philip Freeman. I like it because in addition to offering her poems, it presents her fragments within a cultural construct; what could have been happening in and around Sappho on Lesbos and elsewhere in the region, notably Sparta and Athens, as she was living and writing? What could have influenced and inspired her? What were the marriage ceremonies that she wrote so much about? What is a possible cultural basis of the last Sappho poem found- as evidenced by other neighboring Greek writers, existing histories (that were not burned), and the writers who came later quoting Sappho in their poetry courses and writings in ways more complete than her found fragments show. What is news to me is that while she had her detractors, yes, there were more who respected her- masters, Aristotle among them- who held her poems, songs, and words as a supreme example of a highly skilled poet who equaled and surpassed the writers of her day, in voice, complex Greek forms and technique, as well as output.  This book is a fast read; highly recommended. Even if your Muses spurn you for not wanting to put it down to write for them. 😉




Oakland Drummer- I

We hear him first

two blocks away, past Grand Avenue

the din of a parallel freeway, his bass and back up.

Loud, small, young, maybe 14       he plays     alone,

nested in a 5-pc kit, on a throne, sidewalk street corner 

while hundreds run, tightrope-walk-balance, drive

play soccer around him.


Hard hitting and lush

his tempos tame time in waves that roll 

connecting our smiles from inside out before moving 

across the Lake      into open windows and back through

the Farmer’s market and up      on beyond blue where

hungry stars and planets await this little gift

of rhythm.

 © Tara Linda 2016


INspired in Oakland-dog01421-SML



Happy New 2014- Keep Celebrating!

I like to begin my annual celebrations now, like everyone else, but we all have the benefit of carrying on with our celebrations through the Asian New year as well! The Asian year is a lunar year with an extra moon…

Happy New Year Everyone!  I like to begin my annual celebrations now, like everyone else, but we all have the benefit of carrying-on with our celebrations through the Asian New year as well! The Asian year is a lunar year with an extra moon, thus the extra month  (i.e. “the Tibetan year is comprised of either 12 or 13 lunar months, each beginning and ending with a new moon. A thirteenth month is added every two or three years, so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year”. WikkiP)  So just a note to let you know that your celebrations should go on until at least Jan. 31st.  Woo-Hoo!!

Art of Hung LiuArtist: Hung Liu

I am ready to think all things “new” about now: last year was good, with only a few disappointments.  Musically, I had a tour fall through. Community-wise, some muggings and more crime on our street affected me emotionally more than I expected. Didn’t want to  talk about it, here or anywhere: I felt we simply needed to ACT and quickly to prevent a pall of defeat from settling in. We started our first street teams/neighborhood watch group, and with everyone’s interest and energy, things are better. There is less fear (I’ll talk about all of this later- what we learned, etc.)  Meanwhile, I’m back with a better attitude.  We just did an “Out with the Old” smudge of our home, the street, and for me- old attitudes. I love the traditional, Native Indian ways of clearing and cleansing. It works so well for something like this.

ec3c40ccca47e21a267e6f0bcc2c9082Source: Peter Justice.

On a higher note- we in the Oakland/SF Bay area have a new bridge!!  Earthquake ready- and built for bikes too! It was pure joy to ride our bikes across it in the first warm months of Fall.BayBridge

ON THE HORIZON- 2014: I am happy to say that the vision of my jewelery venture- Three Muses- is manifesting. I will be expanding while finetuning certain styles. And, I’ve started not one, but TWO new musical projects!!  I will gush on all of this soon enough, but first…

I MUST stop to WISH ALL of YOU who take the time to visit me here, an *Amazing*, Crazy-happy new year–Everywhere you  are! May you enjoy:

Unspeakable Beauty, Mystery, and travel-

Mark AdamusPhoto Source Mark Adamus

More Music, whimsy, and Art:GrrlGuitaristssource.

Stellar Health, and more moments to enjoy your Life!

tea for trees6020

Thank you for continuing to visit this blog. I will be reinstating weekly posts on: Inspired in Oakland, Artists Crush, and New Art and Poetry 52:365.  Leave a comment with your blog/website so that I can come visit you;).

Rolling with Summer: 1

This has been an eventful Summer so far, we played a crazy fun world music fest in El Cerrito, CA, and the front door has been non-stop revolving with family visits. WoooHOOO!


Musically speaking, things have been up and down; a big Europe tour AND a jazz and wine fest we were to headline- were BOTH cancelled last month. Heart breaking. But I’m now enjoying every second of a  6-show tour in Texas… Yippee!! I wrote this just before leaving town..

The one constant,

thread through it all, beyond

uncertainty, change, helicopters overhead

bad news or sweet~ is pervasive sun,

and warm dirt beneath my toes, both

revealing so much beauty, flora blooming flourish

booming warm garden with and 

without slugs- bursting blooms, weeds or fruit

layered green, happy

growing, growing all the same.  

This post is inspired by illustrator/Chef Stella’s sweet post asking us all: What’s growing in your garden…


Mine is spread out front and back- with a small patch, and various pots about. These are pics from awhile back, but are on my phone now, – will update with more recent ones when I get home. Tomatoes, squash, and rhubarb!

a-garden 3agarden-2

I love traveling & performing, but I miss my BoyBeast, my girl Chula, and my garden. 😉

Thank you to all who keep reading these sporadic posts!! Texas updates from the road next.

Fleeting: Fireflies~ Time-Lapsed Photos

What is life?
It is a flash of a firefly in the night.
It is a breath of a buffalo in the winter time….”


What is life?

It is a flash of a firefly in the night.

It is a breath of a buffalo in the winter time.

It is as the little shadow that runs across the grass

and loses itself in the sunset.

Crowfoot, Blackfoot Tribal Chief

All images are time-lapsed photos of fireflies by  Tsuneaki  Hiramatsu

FireflyHirimatsu2-mTaken various locations in and around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture, Japan

FireflyHirimatsu3-mAnd my favorites-