East Bay Recording Sessions-

Woo-hoo! I’m now 99% finished recording 12 songs for my new CD.  The SF/Oakland sessions this weekend were intensely packed & fast-moving working on 6 tunes.  In the studio we tracked 3 new songs and did overdubs for 3 others with friends/bandmates.   Check out the view from the New Future Vintage studio deck~  This must have been taken the one second that it stopped raining yesterday. 😉

I’m so excited by all the new songs I CAN”T STAND IT!   I sense somehow the start of something new. 

Ron Guensche was our Engineer working his magic at the speed of… light- ha!  Bassman Paul Eastburn laid it way down on the jazz ballads (thank you Paul!).

“Dreaming Tigers” is my first Indian-tinged tune written in India years ago about being followed into the jungle forest by a curious tiger ;).   Another song i mentioned in my last post-  “I’d cross any bridge for you”- is my coolest song and could pass as alt pop- on ukuleles (Thank you Steven;).  Sounds crazy, I know;  i can just hear you asking “how can a uke song be cool?!”  But I promise you, it’ll be cool.  Jeff Hobbs recorded beautiful violin on Muse’s Tango (yay Jeff!).

And the last song we recorded yesterday is my first bossa nova.  Since guitar player friend- Jose Alvarez- was passing through town, we wrote that one quickly.   I had the chorus hook in my head, and he wrote the verses, transitions.  (Thank you Jose!)  Workin’ on fun lyrics for it now.   The only instrument stuff left to record is some percussion w/ drummer beast Rafa.  Then I’m back to Texas in April to finish vocals & start mixing.

Sat. night- I had a sweet gig w/ new music bud Steven Strauss.  We actually made up 3 new songs on set! (which I hope i can remember…).   What can I say… his playing inspires me to make things up while singing.  Good stuff. I pretty much just passed out last night from it all, but not before taking a long-awaited creative break- making some new baubles.  “Hello jewelry Muses.  Come hang out for a while…”

I’ll post those pics tomorrow 😉

Muse’s~ stay close…

Muses! Stay close…we’re almost done… Only 2 songs to go for my recording project this weekend!

Oh man…i have the last 2 songs for my Cd to finish up tonight/tomorrow a.m. to send the musicians who will be recording them this weekend! Lucky for me, they are pros and will dial them in just right, I’m sure.  But I need to jam on them now!!!!!

Before I dog myself too badly- yes, they are late, but I did finish up a hard one last night and I’m really happy with it.   “I’d cross any bridge for you” is a sweet number (sweet as in a Major key- LOL!!) about one of my first dates here in the SF Bay area.  So it feels good to have  spilled all that bottled up pure joy from a date- 5 years ago?- into this particular song.  The poem needed time to find the right tune 😉

“1 star for you and 2 for me/how we wander aimlessly/  Across this city of  gazillion lights by the sea- oh.

You take a ferry, I’ll take a train/ don’t see the fog, can’t feel the rain.  Heart beats faster but i don’t know why.

You might be far away.  All the way across the bay~  But tonight, I’ll cross any bridge for you.”

Muses- stay close; we’re almost done.  Just one bossa nova, and the lyrics for one Indian tigress song- to go…

Musical Magic~ Passion

When I write new music- & I mean getting busy by stopping the world to write a dozen new songs- it is both exhilarating & exhausting.  I love to be in this space because I just can’t soak up enough around me- and it seems like everything suddenly shows up to get folded in somehow! (Synchronicity?)

Is it random chance, really?  Like when I’m stuck on a torch tune and take a break to go visit my favorite record shop that just happens to have a perfect live rare Sarah Vaughan recording w/ songs very similar…, or going to see another musician who just happens to play a traditional tune on ukulele in just the way I’ve been practicing mine…

Or how my new producer picks a band to interpret my songs- a band who just happens to be the most amazing group of incredible (kind!) musicians.  I mean a hot band; phenomenal pros, who had a crazy knack for interpreting my music so beautifully fresh & right on.  My music is inspired by a lot in the Americana realm. Americana being American roots music- a big frontier that includes folk, country, rock, blues, & jazz.  This is one beautiful thing about our collective American musical legacy; our musical history RULE S with original genres that the world seems keen to copy-  blues & jazz, Texas rock ‘n country, Appalachian, folk, gospel, even Tex-Mex- are purely American; Musical traditions born on American soil.   My tunes for the last album were influenced by Americana & Tex-Mex.  This CD taps early jazz,  blues & torch traditions.

So I finished 9 songs in Texas this/last month so far- recording first the demos here, & then meeting up in a Texas studio w/ new people – the Charles Hearn Quintet, plus me & my guitar player Az.  Four of the songs I wrote or arranged anew- just for this group of musicians- to take advantage of their chemistry & skillz.  I wrote a 1930’s styled swing, and 2 jazz ballads for this recording session.

And how the magic happened!  These sessions for this torch ‘n jazzy blues project were some of the most magical musical experiences I’ve had in practice & in studio.  It was pure joy- much laughter, talking, playing, and taking the tunes where i’d never heard or experienced them before.

Lots of  unexplainable moments where we just clicked into a groove;  all the right elements in the mix.  I actually got a little sad sitting in the airport to leave South Texas! It was as if we had just had time to warm up & then I had to go home! too soon!!

This is the ultimate passion to me; to be consumed by the thing you love- whether for a moment or a spell, and getting to share it! Engaging in something to the point that you melt into it- empty out- only to be filled up again by something far bigger than yourself , whether it be art, love, physical &/or mental creative exertion…  Passion; to be alive, in the richest, fullest, possible way.

I’ve had a blast writing new torch & jazz songs.  And what a luxury to work with musicians who make me & my songs better; so much more than I/they could ever be alone.  And singing.  I love to sing on mine & others projects.