#9: Surf Born #10-11: On the Day You Die. Poems

moon jellies

#9  Surf Born

As I watch your image pulling in the weight
held fast by a rope, see its edges large, heavy-
a fish? A board? -no wait, the covered edges, worn, laden
pages, a book, heavy with weight, made so by
water, how long has it floated
soaking up, all in its wake
we wonder, as we watch you pull the tome just released by the ocean
surf, detritus hugging, then letting loose, you pull on the thick rope,
up and out of the water, slowly and then force it up, onto
rocks, large chunk rip rap, up and over
this last stage of resistance before

your upward trek. And As you begin your walk, up the dirt trail,
Pacific wind blowing your curls and locks (were you barefoot?)

it dawns
on me, the funny thing about memories is
we think they can be stolen, removed, soiled.
But now I see through the clinging dirt, past sea soaked salt
that though they may work to take them away,
rip up your photos, light your written words aflame
with a candle or match, release the ashes to clouds, or drag all you
cherish through mud, dip them in tar, or float them out to sea,

They remain.
Always the same. Tethered by bull kelp arms so strong,
might of presence, tendrils in our minds and beyond them, waving
up over, up high, always waving up to the sun.  And then I see

what can be done.

© 2018-4-26 Tara Linda. v.1

Inspired by a video of Junk journal artist Orly Avineri.


It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there.

Excerpt from Asphodel.  William Carlos Williams

#10  On the Day you Die

The sky
is partly cloudy, split in
half by bright billowy clouds
dark ones too.  Rain? we ask each other
feeling illumination balance
stillness with

#11 On the Morning You Die

A Spring wind
blows out of the North at 17 mph, April’s
Flower Moon is high and full. Skies are still and
ink clear, will our memories travel well?
Only when the winds
pick up.

© 2018 4/29 Tara Linda. V1


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, jewelry maker

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