Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal- Grove- Allegory Gallery

There’s nothing like a jewelry challenge with an Allegory Gallery Design kit to pull me away from sage harvesting and back to my jewelry table! It has been awhile since I’ve taken on one of Andrew Thornton’s challenges, so I thought I’d do 2 to make up for lost time πŸ˜‰

Here is the first reveal, the kit is called Grove, and there will be a competition among the Tribe members who took it on (I’m entering the necklace for this one).Β  Will post the 2nd kit’s makings today before midnight. So come back!

Here was the Grove Jewelry kit (sans pendant).

GroveTrive Collage

The day it arrived, I was organizing my studio and putting away some beads. It was pure accident that an amber strand grazed the background of the opened box: I knew immediately the 2 belonged together…





I just LOVE this pendant that Andrew Thornton made! Exquisite yes?Β  Two trees growing together in a grove. The amber beads- this light color- goes juicy perfect with the color palate Andrew chose! For me, amber is about SUN!, sunlight, Joy, finding pleasure in this moment while we have it. Combined with this Grove pendant; it says, we grow strong together, yes, And we carry our own elixir for healing, strength and joy. Love it!

The added amber also harkens back to a memory: years ago, I asked Andrew who was off for the Tucson shows, if he could kindly shop amber for me. That opened a HUGE window into working with amber- for the first time. πŸ˜‰

On to bracelet and earrings.



I’ll come back to add links and add the NEXT challenge (RED:BLACK), later today. And then I promise to show other creative projects that keep me away from my computer… Woo-Hoo!! Hello Creative SUMMER!

Now that music is calming down, I’ll be stocking new baubles to my shop in the coming weeks ThreeMusesJewelry

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

2 thoughts on “Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal- Grove- Allegory Gallery”

  1. These are beautiful pieces! That amber is so perfect with this kit. I also often design because something came to my attention when I’m in kit mode! I love that lemon in the bracelet. That lemon was one of my favorite kit beads, but I haven’t used it yet. And the asymmetry in the earrings is great!

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