Secret Garden~ 36:52

What she planted
at dawn bloomed only at dusk
You show me her…

secret gardenSource   Lisa Falzon

Secret Garden

What she planted
at dawn bloomed only     at dusk
You show me      her

photo     and

we put stick to dirt
connect all stars to
sirens      birds to
ghosts of salamanders   that

now rule       rivers    flowing empty
beneath us.

© & P. Copyright~ Tara Linda
Inspiration:   The salamanders we used to find, when digging in the garden. I refuse to think they’ve gone extinct for lack of water, preferring their new place of residence to be a secret garden deep below us, near the water table.  Here is one of my Sage gardens filled with young CA Native sages, succulents, flowers.  😉


Prompt:  Weekly Poems/52

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

4 thoughts on “Secret Garden~ 36:52”

  1. Beautiful! (poem, garden, and writer herself)! Love the native plants; it’s really the way to go, since we have no idea how long we’ll be in this drought situation. Love the poem’s sentiment about the creatures burrowing deep below the surface, and what you imagine might be found there…keep up the good work.

    1. 😉 thank you TLP! I didn’t think my Fall Muses would come without the rains (usually my most productive writing times for music/poems). Is it that way for you too? Weekly prompts are proving helpful.

      I should have posted a pic of one of these CA salamanders… 😉

      1. I love the rain more than anything – but that’s challenging if you live in a drought-ridden state! Good on you for finding a way to keep the Muse coming, regardless…do post a foto of the salamanders if you get the chance (we found arboreal salamanders under some flowerpots last year, but think it’s been too dry this year & haven’t seen them; in any case we didn’t get a chance to fotograph them).

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