Fistful of Stars Tour: Lower Saxony, Copenhagen.

We are BACK from June tour playing cities in and around Lower Saxony (northern Germany) with new band, Fistful of Stars.


We are BACK from June tour playing cities in and around Lower Saxony (northern Germany) with new band, Fistful of Stars.

GrevenGrassFest-TaraLindaI didn’t have much service while traveling. While we passed through large cities (Berlin, Stockholm) the areas we stayed overnight were mostly rustic, so, no service or blogging. But I did post daily photo highlights, here, for 17 days of the tour- Photos are taken by amazing pro photographer Michael Rateike.

(You can LIKE this Music Page to see more music themed meanderings).

We stayed mostly in one city- driving to our 10 shows from Hasbergen, w/ friend-manager Bernie. More about him and his Pottery next. We were surrounded by wheatfields with “corn poppies” (gorgeous bright red poppies!!)  Though they look more orange in this pic, like CA poppies.


I’m in that place now between post-trip adrenaline high & sleep deprived exhaustion. Oddly, I passed out on the plane home. Not the first time ;). Ha! Turns out, I was super anemic, of all things. Not enough bratwurst i guess ;). Despite the near perfection of pressurized cabins in flight, I’m convinced that it’s not all perfect: if you have something going on with your body’s chemistry- high altitudes, above 40,000 ft, will magnify it.

Anyway- resting up & crazy happy with the World Cup now!!!!

As usual, tours inspire- so I’ll post on new projects next: writing new material to record for 3 bands!! And I’m most madly missing making things with my hands…kind of a shocker- so more jewelry this week. Can’t believe how much I missed making things with my hands…

And I miss my friends ;). Would love to hear from you here. What did I miss this month in your world? I’ll be trying to catch up with websites/blogs this week. Comment to this post to let me know where to check up on you- if not your blog. Yes- shamelessly self-promote yourself, projects, and passions! Lots of folks will see it ;).

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

6 thoughts on “Fistful of Stars Tour: Lower Saxony, Copenhagen.”

  1. Thank you for sharing the update Tara , I am happy to hear the tour is going great. What a wonderful year of adventure for so many. I’ve had so many adventures this year myself and am looking forward to more to come. I love the flower picture. Take care good friend and I look forward to your next posting.

    1. Mikial! You inspire SO much with all of your work: art, poetry, vids, podcasts…!
      Amazing. Can’t wait to see what’s next with you ;). I’m about ready to get your poetry book… Thank you for being here, supporting, inspiring… 😉

  2. Congratulations on the tour, Ms. Tara Linda! I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you (and the evocative photographs)! Great band name, by the way. I’ve been trying to reconnect with nature and writing on the blog after some setbacks and general work busy-ness, so especially appreciate hearing your news.

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