Byzantine Rings~Roman Glass, Basha Beads, Pearls

New Jewelry~ Rings!


Spent a feverish weekend experimenting with different ways to mount and set heavy glass, Roman Glass, and pearls. Love these rustic Byzantine styled mountings- adjustable and large (7+)

3-byGreyRomanBashaRing0807I’ve set Basha bead rounds, and Roman Glass discs (2000 year old glass made from broken glass pieces from the Indus Valley; 50BC-400CE with coin pearls. It takes awhile to find the right trio. I cut and file down the glass. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. A true statement piece of art and history.

I usually don’t wear large rings myself- but these deep filigree bay mounts in the old, archaic style are interesting. They were definitely a design challenge.  With the chunky size, they fit index and middle fingers. I am actually enjoying one: the Basha Bead and Roman glass are a natural pair.


Barbara Metzger  (designer of Basha Beads) saw one, and says she likes them! She has kindly picked out some of her beads to fit~ Can’t wait!!!  Meantime, I can confirm: these rings are fun to wear 😉


This is my first series, more beachy in color~ teal, aquas, blue, green, ocean hues; there are 2 left in my Three Muses Jewelry store as of this writing.  The next series will run different colors, as Basha’s beads are always changing. Barbara makes small batches, a few at a time, in her North coast Pacific studio. The colors change as her Muses visit. I’m so excited to have found a way to place them beside Roman glass and pearls; she has always said that her first inspirations were beach glass and old Roman glass.  😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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