Ask me
she says, and just maybe
Clouds add a shadow, thunder punctuates


Curtains blow
over a window you never opened
now only you in this room and a flower
on the ground, hers from a tree on the
wrong side of pelagic, still blooming, an island.
Bare feet shuffle sand behind a door, she
quiets her breath, wind circling soft clays
just outside the door.    You

clear your throat, feel the barometric pressure
dive, a trickle of sweat meeting the sensation that she
is closer than her breath, nearer than

across the room. A gust of memory
begins a tango, spins her, down the long hall.

No you say. No questions.

your shoes, this
dust, your restless wind-

TaraLinda c.p. 2014


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

6 thoughts on “Dive”

  1. I really like the flow of this poem, also its story like quality and descriptiveness. There is a bit of mystery to it for me and I will read it a few time more to grasp all of its meanings. Another great poem Tara.

  2. I love this; it is perhaps one of my favorites of your poems – which I always like anyway; you have a unique way of combining the personal, the mystical, place, landscape, and musicality all at once. Beautiful!

  3. Sometimes we just need some quiet time without hearing noises around us.
    Catching up on visits. You stopped by a Carpe Diem post a while back.
    I’ve been busy. Best to you. Cheers, Jules

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