Micro Verse~ Macro Mystery (Guess Which one…)

Too many moons

have passed

since I walked this path

      with you.

Yet, Mystery and Beauty~

our shared 


still blossom.


Can you guess what mysterious beauty this is?   (HINT: It is from a real object- not abstract art).  The first person to guess, I will gift you a free digital CD download- of your choice from here, digital download only.  If you already have my music, we’ll figure something else out.

In getting ready for National Poetry Month, I’m going to re-grease the blogging wheels. MUCH to show for my absence. Will get back to recognizing ‘new’ artists, and past post features: Artists Crush, Inspired in Oakland, Musical Musings, New Jewelry updates & some surprises.  What blogs/topics are inspiring you lately? I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and others to come!

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

11 thoughts on “Micro Verse~ Macro Mystery (Guess Which one…)”

  1. Well it looks like our Muse is back from SpringBreak!! YAY!!

    Blessings & unleash that Beautiful Spirit T. L.! J. A.

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