Best Last Minute Gift-Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar/CD! & Auction Winners

Are you stumped for the perfect gift? Are you ready to give up because youve missed posting that holiday gift? Wait! It’s all OK, because you are actually still ahead of the game for New Years!! Your friends and family will forgive all transgressions just for finding them the most unforgettable gift Ever!… the 2014 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar and CD!

Time to shout out winners for the silent jewelry auction to benefit Typhoon Haiyan victims: Margriet Schnabel for the Moss Memories earrings, and  JAK for – the 1920 Holiday Ball– Marcasite/pearl earrings. Yay! Contact me soon as possible so I can get your funds to CARE. Thank you for bidding & to Andrew Thornton for the idea. I will be dedicating other jewelry in my shop to continue raising money past the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, it’s that time of year again! Time to remind you that if you are stumped for the perfect gift, or if you’ve missed holiday posting deadlines, it’s OK, because you are still ahead of the game for New Years!!  Your friends and family will forgive all transgressions just for finding them the best, most unforgettable gift Ever!… the 2014 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar!

2014Accordion BabesCVR-sml

I’m pretty sure that this is the ONLY calendar on the planet that features 12 accordion-toting femmes~ real musicians, who front bands, write music and tour~ all while demonstrating in genres and countries worldwide, that accordions are officially COOL again! Ha! Imagine that! Producer Renee de la Prade seriously jumped the pond this year by including accordionistas as far away as Canada ;), Norway, and France. 

Happily, the calendar comes with music! a 12 song CD featuring a tune from each musician in the calendar. And after 6 years of doing this- from posing, to sponsoring, assembling, distributing, and promoting with other accordionistas- I can attest (promise!) that this years musical compilation is the best yet. Seriously! Music ranges from rock, to jazz, pop, zydeco, cabaret and more surprises that will beckon your ear with every note. Unbelievably, this calendar/CD bundle of Joy is a mere $15, plus $5 Priority shipping (US only). Please order yours here: You will be supporting the arts and paying my heating bill at the same time 😉 

Here is my first photo submission that got rejected for being too artistic. 😉

Tara Linda 2014 AccBabes 6_10-med

And I am thrilled to say that I’m up-to-date shipping out my orders!! This is me, with more clothes on, mailing them from the road, in a tiny, cold town somewhere in the wild west. 

Mailing Calendars-CO

You can’t tell, but the building is about 20 x 20ft big. Wait, can you believe it?! Near the middle of nowhere in the wild west, they limit parking to 10 minutes? Shocking!

You can also find my music on CDBaby, I-tunes, and digitally nearly everywhere you look. Thank you, so much, for supporting a world with music. xox!

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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