Artists’ Crush: Band- Local Natives

Dream & Real: Band Local Natives voted the “Hardest Working band of 2013.” Hmmm, how many hundreds of shows does that take? Shows and miles! Love their vocals.

Voted the hardest working band in 2013, LOCAL NATIVES from LA. I’m lovin’ their sweet, melded, harmonic vocals ~ dreamy but tres Real.  And a joy to watch live. Their official vids are a bit indie, cloudy, grainy. I like the one below for its spontaneity, like they put it all together from the road. Which I guess is how it is when you are ‘the hardest working band on the planet for a year.’ 😉

“The group, which hails from Los Angeles, played a total of 188 shows throughout the year, traveling a total of almost 192,500 miles (309,799 kilometres) to get from gig to gig.” Contact Music

and Live:

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