Fall Trunk Sale: New Jewelry

This Fall jewelry sale was a good time and place to try out different designs. The earthier pieces went. New designs include longer earring dangles with more color, texture, and bling.

My little jewelry trunk sale went well enough: it was the first one in my new digs, and brought friends I hadn’t seen in a while, which always makes for a good day.  One of 3 displays:


Classic Faux pas: it was truly a ‘little sale’: I panicked setting up, realizing my selections may be too slight, despite the extras I made and added to shop inventory.

Earrings8727New dangles this season – longer, more colorful, more texture and bling.  Three Muses

I always put out new pieces I’m not sure about, to get feedback and see them modeled on different clients. Like these trade bead chokers:

tradeBeads7467Each necklace has beads that vary in age- from the 1600’s to present day from all ends of the globe. Consensus was to make these necklaces longer than princess or collier length. Check.

BashaTealEar8906Sea from Space. Finally got some Roman glass to play with, which of course looks great with Basha’s beads.


I have collected some amazing fetishes, stones, and shell from Native sources over the years, like this onyx raven with lapis, turquoise, and shell heishi. Experimenting with leather designs, and will be adding a few to the shop soon.


tealPink9130And these, simple polymer dangles from HappyFish: not sure what happened… this isn’t normally a design I would wear, but I just can’t part with them!  They are super lightweight & look great on.

Good things about this sale: sharing the weekend with seamstress friend Elma who makes awesome textiles- Dia de Los Muertos pillows & an amazing Frida quilt! The photos didn’t take- so I will snap some in better light & repost.

This sale was good in showing kinks to work out in this space for next time: like poor lighting at night.  I should have done all the layout sooner. I also assumed that since earrings were a big sell last show, they would be again. Nope. This time, necklaces,

like these pieces that found new homes: Night Music.  is a fire necklace of Lava, Raku, torched glass.

chokerOpera8590I fell in love with this piece when making it: bone ash Raku rounds (Wondrous Strange) with vintage deep red Basha bead nuggets- truly different from her current work in shape and color.  This was my first knotted necklace using waxed cord.

BlackMud-OmNckl 236 Mystic Mandala: BlackMud Studios pendant, and favorite blue stones and glass.

And some Dia de los Muertos pieces found homes.  Tis’ the season, time for more… 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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