Frivolous Spring & New Jewelry

It’s Spring! Time for more frivolity~ Here is new jewelry finished over recent weeks. These first few were special orders, with pendants by Wondrous Strange Designs. I interviewed the artist here.

It’s Spring!   Time to get silly!Swim in the sunshine

Our neighborhood is everywhere blooming, and today is our first really hot day (73f).

Here is new jewelry that I finished over recent weeks.  These first few were special orders for a client- with amazing pendants by Wondrous Strange Designs. I interviewed the artist here.





My favorite Mermaid pendant by BlackMud Studios. With 16 different kinds of pearl.  Sold.

And I’m craving watermelon already…  This was made, in part, with Andrew Thornton’s premium seed blend, and I wire wrapped lots of green Indian glass. I love these Peruvian made goddess pendants. 😉  See it here.


And I know it’s lame- but I’ve no time to finish or post my poem, because I’m off to another rehearsal now. So, I’m posting one from last year this time, on the theme of Frivolous! ~ Inspired by Jaya King’s painting-

Tiny bird
tangerine teal
I see that worm shimmy
glitter up your hat as if
is here     or your birthday
or a song you can’t stop
singing… “I’m No. 1, I’m No.1, I’m No. 1″

in Joy major.

Cheep-By JayaKing

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

2 thoughts on “Frivolous Spring & New Jewelry”

  1. Can’t decide which design I like best:) They are all so lovely! Your pearl mix in the first photo is a real feast for the eyes,and your sweet little ode to the robin makes me smile:) I have a robin’s nest at the corner of my porch. Mr and Mrs Robin eye me suspiciously each time I go to my kiln. They are beginning to accept me as part of the background:) Will be such a treat to watch them feed the wee ones soon:)

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