Day 9: Tradewinds Travelers


The pond, the eddy, the depths without border
where I would have thought it too dark to touch bottom
navigable only by star, travel log, and instruments borrowed
and only on a good day for dreaming,          You

allude to pathway, trade winds, currents connecting,
a joy of release- hurling a thing, across and over, eyes
closed mid-laugh to see where it lands. Take now,     you say

from this sitting room, to the beach, over isle and sea,
across an ocean, a bridge, to a city on a Bay, an
expectant studio-our ‘fiddling hands’ connecting
dreams by image, by hope, by design.

Prompt: Inspired by a conversation today online with an artisan on the Isle of Skye, Scotland about our artistic gifts on the the global, digital marketplace. She was full of joy and fascination about the facility of it all: “gobsmacked” goodness!  This was in stark contrast to my first thought of trepidation, because I am still learning how it all works, and testing with a timid toe. She makes me want to dive in….;)


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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