Signs of Spring- A Traipse across the Bay

Lots of visitors to our humble abode in recent weeks and for the whole month. I like how this turns us into tourists in our own hometown, Oakland CA.

Lots of visitors to our humble abode in recent weeks and through the month. I like how this turns us into tourists in our own hometown (thanks for that idea Ms. Stella!)

I also like turning people’s ideas of Oakland upside down; all the “is it safe” trepidation.  I’ve updated my Inspired in Oakland page with statistics, press, & perceptions.  A friend says ‘let folks continue thinking all of this nonsense about Oakland, so that we won’t get any more crowded.”  It’s true; the papers keep saying that more people are moving to Oakland than to San Fran now. Either way, I prefer to show folks all the beauty of my town.

Spring weather & a running race on the lake last weekend. Lake Merritt is one of just a handful of tidally influenced, salt water lakes in the world.  It’s about 3.3 miles round.

lake merrit2281

lake merrit2285

Signs of Spring- what’s for sale from local farms at the Oakland Farmer’s market;


Off to the Mission! The best Fish tacos (salmon) at our favorite La Coroneta, in SF.


And something we’ve never done before…the ferry to Alcatraz on a très foggy-turned-sunny afternoon~

Alcatraz fog

Alcatraz1alcatraz2View toward San Francisco…


…wondering did the 3 who escaped ever reach shore, anywhere?

Digging Hope   6:52

Companions in hope, blood, crime-

adjacent cells sharing spoons, digging slow  

until thick fog clouds sting all fingers still,

a blanket enveloping night, while 4 scrape

air ducts clear, concrete crumbling fast beneath

sink-to-shaft, growing softer each year

finally yielding into the desperate frigid  bay,


Poems 52:365

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring- A Traipse across the Bay”

  1. They are indeed… Actually having a debate about what to cook and illustrate next in My Portuguese Kitchen 🙂 Seriously good food. Are you performing this side of the pond any time soon? You’ve just gotten yourself an avid follower!

    1. I just Love your drawings with recipes!! They are like poetic broadsides for the kitchen, and I would so hang one in mine!
      Just gorgeous. Pond crossing, hmmm… possible plans in the Fall… will let you know 😉

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