Mondays, Macro, and Drum Solos

Mondays are always special because we have a full band rehearsal. …and because of seeing something very up close and personal from the weekend before… and because of drums. You can either see drum solos on my FB, or like/vote/comment to see them here.

Mondays are always special because we have a full band rehearsal.  Being around my band family makes me all warm & fuzzy inside; I would do anything for these guys & grrrls.  All the study and work they have done all lifelong, times 5 people- on drums, bass, guitar, sax/clarinet, trumpet/clarinet- is all crammed into my little dining room (sans table)- and everyone plays their hearts out.  I may write the music, but these are the magic makers that make me want to sing. 🙂 After practice, we all cram around the kitchen table for a quick lunch before everyone takes off into the week.  Many of them will have several rehearsals & gigs all week. It is very grounding start to the week; friends, music, & food on Mondays. One day, I will remember to take pics.  But here is the studio…

music studio1097

And Mondays are about little things: like looking through weekend pics to find something I saw up close and personal.


And Mondays are special because of drums: I am getting back to the habit of posting a special drum solo on my TL music Facebook page. You can either click on this page to see; (click “like”, button on the right- & add to your list of pages to be notified).

OR If you would rather see drum solos here on Mondays- & if enough people say ‘Yeah!’,  then I will post them here too.  Why drums? I started there musically, singing behind the kit.  The love affair goes on.  Rhythm rules!!!

Last week, I posted this:

More macro here…


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