Sparking the Airwaves: Thank you for listening…!

I can’t find the words to express the joy of having my friends & family calling now to say:
“Hey! Omg-I’m listening to your song on the radio right now, Right NOW! Hey- You’re on air!”

Your voice,

so high, so happy

we can feel your glow, a thousand miles

close and sparking the air.  Even Chula races

room to room to catch

your laughter.

I can’t find the words to express the joy of having my friends & family calling now to say:

“Hey! Omg-I’m listening to your song on the radio right now, Right NOW!  Hey- You’re on air!”

This morning’s call…2 states away, my Mom to tell me- “KUVO is playing Recession Stomp right now! So I called the DJ Arturo to talk to him… wow, what a great guy he is…!” 😉

Since starting publicity 2 months ago, sending my new CD Torch and Sass around the world- I’ve enjoyed calls & shout outs from Richmond, Washington, Portland, Ohio, Atlanta, San Antonio, Boulder, San Francisco, Boston, Brownsville, Denver, & Italy…. Of course, Mom’s call was the best! 😉

It’s crazy surreal. This culmination of sorts- the place where last year’s writing & recording in 3 studios meets this year’s send-it-out-into-the-world, (hold-your-breath!), and then feel (through others), how ether expands on the airwaves... 😉  Can’t believe it.  Maybe someday I’ll hear for myself… hehe 😉

For stations that report what they play publicly (many don’t) we guesstimate that around about 175 US radio stations are playing music from Torch and Sass right now.  So this has put me in that  elusive place of  “in “the charts” with other musicians & recording artists – sometimes with Diana Krall, Robert Glasper, Karrin Allyson.  My place bounces around, but for awhile the College Music Journal had me in the top 30- & the only unsigned artist!!

Since I’m so bad about appreciating the little successes along the way (too focused on that long list of what I haven’t done yet…), and since it’s January, I’m just going to stop now.


Stop for a second & breathe in…this great space. And all mi Mum’s good energy….

Thank you Thank you Thank you….to everyone who has called, to the DJs who take time to listen and find something new, to all of you who listen to radio, & to your local, community radio stations:  you ALL keep musicians going!  Today- I am ecstatic, exuberant, silly-high, bouncing-off-the-walls elated!!!

Thanks Mumma!!!

Poetry pebble:  Mindful Writing Prompt

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

2 thoughts on “Sparking the Airwaves: Thank you for listening…!”

  1. You are most Welcome My Shining Star! Hearing your Voice over the Local Jazz Air waves made my Heart skip a Beat………..

    Proud is an under Statement!! Today was a Day I`ll never forget!!!! To steal your Word:: EXUBERANT, and a ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH!!!

    HUGS, J. A.

  2. Congratulations! such wonderful news, and of course it’s best to hear it from Mom…what a warm and tender appreciation. Sending all good thoughts & love your way. (also: gorgeous gorgeous flower foto – that color is out of this world!)

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