52/1: Chartreuse

Come see! you say

excited to show 

where hill meets sky

gazing up


on brown laureled arms

offering leaves into

flowers into beings

that may fly

away- Quick!  you say

– come see!



I have no idea what flower/plant this is, but the Boy found it, and urged me to quickly come, just after the rains, to see… It felt like we were in Hawaii, watching katydids about to fly, with delicate lobster claws meeting ginger in yellow/green…



Today begins a couple of writing challenges to post more poems more often (to get ready for NaPoWriMo);

1- my own challenge for 52 poems/2013 using any number of prompts.  And;

2- the writing prompt formally known as ‘River of Stones’, now the “Mindful Writing Challenge”, short & sweet.  If you are participating in a poetry challenge- leave a link here, or under any of the weekly poems.


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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