What My Parents Think I’m doing- Musician. Publicity

You’ve seen the stereotypes. You’ve heard the jokes. But what does a pro musician look like running a publicity campaign while “Living the Dream”?

You’ve seen this before, yes?

My favorite part is the “What producers think I do”: his Co-producer has an accordion. 😉

Well, here is the beginning of my version:  I’m sure my father thinks I quit my day job to be this;

(You have to imagine the girl version.  With a ukulele.)  And if not the central figure, he would say then, that I’m hanging out in a bar somewhere by this cigarette machine, dreaming of myself as a rockstar.  (This was indeed the coolest cigarette machine we found in Spain on our tour;  band and I watched the World Cup beside it.)  Europe still has cigs in bars, dispensers, smokers, and other similar artifacts of the US past.

So Dad, torch singers don’t usually scream out, topless onstage like this chap above: alas, we croon; fully clothed in sequins, little hats, and lots of feathers, especially torch singers.  😉

The current picture?  What does publicity look like? For this whole last week, with a little help from friends and a publicist, my life as a professional musician has looked like this:

In case you don’t see it right away, this is a publicity machine!!  A national campaign in full swing-  launching a new CD!  Mailing out hundreds of CDs to radio stations around the globe. Yes- my new CD- Torch and Sass is officially out to global radio- digital and beyond.  (You can listen to songs on the right side of this post, by clicking on the album cover- the grrl with the little hat…)

As my friend Raul would say:  “Woo-hoo! There you are Tara- Livin’ the dream!!” 😉   And so I am, getting a bit closer to reaching as many ears across the planet as possible.  So, yes, it’s true; it really is my dream to make the world a tad livelier via musical airways.

Torch and Sass definitely feels like celebration:  stomps, tangos, bossa nova, my first ballads and good old fashioned 1930’s styled swings with my first horn section!  For the first time in my life- I’m writing music for horns. The Muses took me in a surprisingly new directions for this recording, and I’m so happy for it; the live shows have been going really well.  It feels like I’m where I should be- paper cuts and all.

Next up: reviewers big and small, listen and critique my new music.  I once got nervous for this part.  But not now.  Six CDs later.  I just hope my music reaches people who truly take the time to listen.  If they do, I think they may appreciate finding original music, that just may, upon close inspection, sound a little different.  😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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