Roadtrip- Texas Tour

Back from a Texas tour, playing shows with a fun and inspiring jazz quintet.  Nothing quite like a road trip across Texas:

1200 miles would be called a “short” tour by Texas standards.  This one began South- from Harlingen, McAllen, and  Brownsville, to central San Antonio/ Austin, and back.   Whirlwind short; all just enough to warm us up for more…

So, what’s up with those endless Texas skies?!  I always feel like I can breathe beneath them.  über spacious and relaxing, with time enough to enjoy them, because, well,  ‘we only have 5 more hours until the next city.’   😉

I love this band sooo much. They recorded my new CD with me.  They are fun, accomplished (most are teachers and sidemen in the studio), and ALL are seriously humble.   We have WAY too much fun on stage, talkin’ story, and just doing what we love best; making music, all hearts combined.   (my blog won’t post pics of people just skies…! ergh. i’ll post the band tomorrow).  FB has a small album of pics posted/sent by others.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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