Lost and Found in Oakland

New pit mix puppy!!


Meet Chula.   My new exercise buddy and heart-throb.

She’s about 6 mos old.   A week before I got her, she was found wandering the heart of pit fighting territory in Oakland, sad, skittish, and searching the gutter for food.  The girl driving by – stopped, watched her and decided she was a good one to grab.  The rest is just uncanny synchronicity, universe-working-to-hook-us-up kinda’ magic.   She called me! “I hear you’re looking for a dog?”

I didn’t want a pit. Or a female. Or a puppy.  But this creatura, with her kisses & obviously giant heart, won me over.

She’s very nervous around pretty much everything.  I don’t think her Karma was so good before.  But Chula’s got luck and love in her corner now, so I hope she will relax and chill and start acting like she owns the place.   Despite her puppyness,  yes G, she is living up to her name.  😉


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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