Bulb-Diving into Fall: Macro to Cosmic

From Macros to Cosmos. Re-designing my studio, and Über-Excited for Fall!!! Creative fruits coming next…

Taken along the canal in Amsterdam, with my phone camera. I love how the morning sun is captured in the center of a flower at just the right angle…

All I can say about the last weeks of Summer, since coming home from tour- is that I’ve felt like a moth who’s’ bulb-diving a dozen different light sources at the same time- in fear of even one of them going out!  I came back from Europe’s tour SO insanely high with inspiration from the places & (mostly) people that I met, that I dove into a ridiculous number of projects (more instruments, new songs, recording, new jewelry designs & restocking Three Muses, planning new tours, playing with new musicians…), that I dared not slow down to talk about it.  Fear of death I think it’s called.  And then I got sick. And exhausted with definitely nothing to talk about then-Ha!!  But mostly, it’s been the kind of Summer where the ‘Go outside & play!’ mantra held sway over status updates & blogging.   Geeky and true.

Add to this kaleidoscope, my annual summer garden yielded a single tomato and is almost completely dead now.  I guess traveling musicians shouldn’t do gardens (hard for me to admit, since I normally have happy gardens.)

But since that gorgeous Blue Moon has come & gone (NASA photo),  the pendulum has swung.  Officially. I’ve been cleaning house- in many ways (yes!).  Re-designing my studio, and am Über-EXcited for Fall!!!  Creative fruits coming next…

Please clink on the Macro link here to see all the other fine macro shots at Studio Weatherstone.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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