Amsterdam by Reflection

In Amsterdam- we mostly rehearsed new material and got ready for later shows in Germany.

(what are those cool crochet rail covers for…?)

(Love these water gardens in the canal!)

Funny how you don’t realize the mood you’re in until seeing your pics later. 😉 I mostly captured Amsterdam by reflection.

We stayed outside the tourist area, and walked into town central and through the museum, theatre,  antique, and gallery districts.  The overcast light was right to avoid glare.  I love the surreal…

I love this artist~ whose work just appeared on windows one day.

The only regret- not checking out this spore/fungus exhibit.  It held massive cultures, and looked to be about interface, clean/rotten, urban & natural. An allergy warning was posted on the door for those sensitive to spores and molds.

My favorite photo of the day.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

7 thoughts on “Amsterdam by Reflection”

  1. I adore Amsterdam, it’s one of my favorite cities in the world! Want to take Bill there one day; it’s got the perfect combination of Old-World charm, decadence, arts/music/culture, scenery, great food & drink – it’s like anything you could wish for is there (including spores)!

    1. Yes tLP! well put. I am most in love with the people. Their attitudes. They take the time. Hang out. Look you in the eye when talking. They seem to just enjoy simple pleasures and life overall, so easily. I would love to live there several months of the year.
      Will be posting a few more pics;nothing like an antique store in Europe, eh?!

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