Doors of Segovia

Yes, I’ve been terrible about posting from the road on our tour (no laptop, occasional service, ADHD…), but I did post photos along the way to a photo album on my music page on facebook, (“Like” that page to see more).

So, I know it’s not real-time cool, but I hope you don’t mind if I post just a couple of moments from my journals- before the jetlag wears completely off 😉

To begin our European tour in Segovia, Spain couldn’t have been more ideal; the people are warm and welcoming; Segovia is the quintessential small medieval town with a seriously rich, multi-layered history; celebration is everywhere!!  On every street corner, alley, and alcove.

But I was entranced by the doors of Segovia. These were all seen from one street, on a traipse from the town center of San Martin up to the castle.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

2 thoughts on “Doors of Segovia”

  1. Beautiful shots! I forwarded to a friend who coincidentally was also in Segovia around the same time. So happy you found Spain so enjoyable; we’ve only been to Barcelona but loved every minute, and mean to go back one day to explore more!

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