Small Hats and Flower Pins: Artists Crush

Acting the Girl; on stage with small hats and bead laced flower pins

I never imagined that my foray into ‘vintage jazz’ would take me from scratchy vinyl records and jazz theory, into cocktail hats and feathers.  But here I am! 😉

As with my album cover- my Yoshi’s gig, and CD release party last month- all appearances seem to revolve around a hat.  (Feels silly talking about this, but since I’m so often cerebral here- I’m going to wax light and just go with it today.)

So, I’ve gone from tomboy in a skirt and boots for my Tortilla Western music, to all out woman-in-a-tiny hat for the jazz stages.  (Don’t worry, my boots are ever ready for any wild west show that calls.)  But for now, I enjoy being a Grrrrl.  And to fearful fans who have been saying “Oh no- she’s changed!!”  No, not my sound, one for another;  I have been serving 2 Muses in my writing for a while now- Tortilla Western AND Jazzy Blues.  Both genres are American roots and are keeping me busy singing and performing, and this is all that matters.

For my May 23rd Yoshi’s CD release, I needed a flower to liven up a simple black dress. I usually go to a vender at the farmer’s market for these.  But of course, the artist wasn’t there, for 3 weeks before the gig!  I really prefer to buy this sort of thing from independent crafters.  So I went on Etsy and found Viridian.  This is my Artists Crush of the month.

Viridian is run by owner Nicki, who is just as sweet and accommodating as can be. I enjoyed conversing with her before I ordered.   I wanted these floral pins for both hats and decor on dresses. But she also makes hair pins. EEEeeee! Girrly wear, delicate & feminine. You can even pick the backs you want on your custom orders.

Artist Statement:

Welcome to Viridian! I specialize in accessories that add a beautiful finishing touch to your look, with items that combine the sheen and texture of fine fabrics with the sparkle and shimmer of beads. Lately, I’ve been especially attracted to using opposing colors and textures in my work- I think the contrast intensifies each component and makes the finished piece even more interesting.

I think what makes Viridian pieces unique is the center beadwork. She even makes leather flowers. Nicki says “the beadwork is all hand-done, petal layers are hand-cut, all stitched together… the only glue used is for the backing.  I try to strike a balance between vintage styling, bling, and just plain pretty…”.  It doesn’t get Girlier than crystals and lace 😉

Nicki is easy to work with for custom orders.  Visit her here on Etsy.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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