How Long Does it Take (Sky to Fill a Teacup)?

Whose cup?  Whose Sky?

We look for shade in the 4th St. bustle

steam rising with the wind.  Words too

wend a way between cities, mileposts,

states of mind, pleasant and not.

No color yet.  Only sharing.  Excitement.  Pre-wonder.

Always good to see you my friend ~

We anchor in familiar knowing

soon all will morph into Surreal,

the welcome mandala of our color-lit history,

same universe, different era.

now open your books…

But for this moment, tea tells time in tannins

gold sienna, umbra to brown, mirrored

to the sky, warm to the hands.  Trees reach

long fingers from the Nilgiri hills, through a canopy, 

over a high wire, and into this cup full of  sky.

© 2012 Tara Linda

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

12 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take (Sky to Fill a Teacup)?”

    1. 😉 that is exactly what i was thinking- about the grain of sand… it felt like the same kind of moment. Truthfully, I didn’t realize how much was in the cup until looking back at the picture. 😉

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