The Heart of a Passion Flower

Having moved over winter when the back yard was mostly bramble, spindly vines, and leafless trees- spring blooms and new foliage are showing us exactly what plants are thriving around us now.

Turns out, one of my all-time favorite vines is hugging tight against the back fence; Passion flower! One with white blooms. I’ve only seen the purple ones, but Passiflora has over 500 varieties. I wrote about the first one I ever met, in Tenacious like a passion flower.  This one on our fence carries a quiet beauty.  No matter the color, they all look otherworldly to me, like spaceships waiting to take off, complex and multi-layered.  AND my house guest now tells me that this plant, its leaves, makes a good tincture for anxiety, and really works.

   And who would have guessed, that on the backside of passion, is a big, green, succulent heart?

I like the little hole in the heart.  So all the passion can escape?  ;).

OK, so I’m in love with PicMonkey; the newest photo editing software on the block- reincarnated & remolded. Fun to use. They have the coolest old processing film effects, and even collage. Fast & intuitive.Yay!!!

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

9 thoughts on “The Heart of a Passion Flower”

  1. I found your post while surfing … and fell in love with your passion flower heart! Would you consider linking it up to Guest Heart Thursday? It’s gorgeous!

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