New Torch and Sass CD~ Available

New Music!!

“The artist is nothing without the gift,

and the gift is nothing without work.” — Emile Zola

This is a quote that artist Anne Choi engraved on a new silver bead.

She says “I’ve heard people speak reverently about talent, as though it’s the only thing an artist needs. I think that for an artist, having a talent is just a beginning. Without persistence, exploration and appreciation, a talent withers and is lost.”

I understand the persistence part, and the exploration.  But never thought much about the appreciation.  I think I would need to make music whether I performed it or not.  But nothing motivates more than a room full of people wanting to celebrate.  I’m reminded of my early days, playing bars, a TV in the corner with playoffs,  soundscape punctuated by wild shouts of joy with sudden scores.  Ah, the old days 😉

Appreciation is a motivator. But I play my heart out these days, regardless.  In part I think because my band & I have so much fun playing together.

So I’ve done a terrible job of the daily poetry post!  ;(.  But I think I’m doing a great job w/ new videos, booking the tour, and getting our music out into the world!!  Crazy busy now.

So my new CD Torch and Sass hits the streets next month.  And Yoshi’s- Oakland has invited us back for our CD release party!!!!  Eeee!  AND I’m thrilled to have on hand advanced copies of Torch and Sass (CD or MP3) that you can be the first to order anytime before the official May 23th release date- by ordering through my website (Bandcamp)/Paypal.  You can listen to songs before you buy  here.

100% of every purchase supports getting my band on the road for tour dates both here in the US and Europe.  I’m working on the Southern states (Sept.) and the East coast (Oct.) now.  What cities should we play??    (Thank you in advance…!  🙂

This is a painting of Mae West in the murals of Coit Tower San Francisco. I’ve just started covering Mae West’s “Mr. Deep Blue Sea.”  I just love her nobody’s-fool attitude on screen.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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