Day 10: Now Leaving…

napowrimo Day 10 & M. Wards new album!! video

He’s driven this far

to see the same sky

reflecting  carmine                     cumulus.


Each mile marker

moves him in valleys

erasing epochs,

keeps posting the same           sign

Now leaving:  

           Space                   and        


c. 2012 TaraLinda


M. Ward (or “Mathew Freakin’ Ward” as a jealous reviewer called him)  has just today released his newest album, “A Wasteland Companion,”– and it IS an awesome album. But I confess, this artist can never go wrong musically. I hope he evolves in a thousand directions, & I will follow his music with every one. Ward is one of the few musicians that seems to channel music like air.  Beyond having a natural voice and enviable songwriting skills, his lyrics reflect a sensitivity to all around him, compassion; humanity. Even when he writes about death, you feel ethereal release and love (hear Requiem, & watch the video).  How does he do all this?! I listen hard for answers; yet, it’s like trying to distinguish light from air.  I confess, I like his solo work most, and the Americana sounds more than the pop.

With this artist, it makes sense to speak of Muses with a capital “M”.    He channels Muses, or probably Muses channel M. Ward.   His music will always inspire me.  I enjoy most his earliest recordings because they sound raw, recorded in attics with lo-fi production. You feel like you’re there- in the room with he & his band.  And this “aliveness” is what I strive for in my music. Don’t we all.

In his new release, there are the usual M. Ward qualities;  vintage inspired, unpretentious, joy filled, soul-soothing songs- with just a bit more wonder and innocent magic.

His new video animates these same childlike qualities.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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