Day 5: Disown

Day5: NaPoWriMo

Words from the edge


on your tongue

       shoot                                     across

the table.

‘Not mine’

                      you say

                                     pulling back

to watch

them                                      roll


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

One thought on “Day 5: Disown”

  1. Words are Energy : Think about the times we say to each other, I Love You,
    you make my Heart sing, You lift me up, I`m Proud of you…………….

    On the Flip side, Your no good, I`m so ashamed of you, your not my Son, Daughter, anymore!! Careful people, choose your Words carefully, Let`s make the World better with Love, a Smile, a kind gesture, be a loving heart, a sweeter Soul….. Change your thinking, Change your World, one word at a time………..

    Loved the Poem Tara!!!

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