Just Say Yes

Here is a stairwell I just found in my neighborhood.  There are actually 2 stairwells up 2 hills, divided by a street.  I like how this one is a cracked path up to a portal, Spring growing through seams…

Most of the opportunities that come to us in the music world, come randomly and from unexpected places. Someone you chance meet at one show is a promoter for another; a stranger calls who’s brother liked our music, needs an opener for his own shows….  Because the field is so competitive, there is always pressure to accept those opportunities quickly.  I’ve been thinking lately, of those short seconds—before all the details are in, where you have to weigh practically what’s possible, AND respond with more certainty than not.  I’ve learned to “just say yes.”

Such an opportunity has JUST come up. A recent call from a special NPR radio producer in No.Cal, who’s show we’ve played on, & who has been very supportive of my Tortilla Western and Tex-Mex CD’s —  called to ask if I would be interested in playing a festival in Europe. One show only. Each producer from each country going to this event, chooses one band; she is asking us to be NPR’s choice, and to represent the U.S.  (I had to remember to breathe!) But one small detail… we would need to get ourselves there, as NPR doesn’t provide artists with resources. But, are we interested?

It didn’t take long to know; there is the “How can I not do this?” part. But there is also knowing that luck is only part of it. The rest? Hard work. All the work we are doing all the time to keep our music, chops, and performances in top form. I trust this.  So just saying “yes” makes sense now.   Practically, I have no idea if the band is available, or how we will come up with airfare, or survive once we’re there! But ‘I know our music will fit this festival well.  While the Producer was apologetic for not knowing more details, etc., it didn’t matter. I sensed that if just a couple of things could connect for us, we would be fine.  Not knowing for sure, but trusting that a good outcome was more likely than not, I said Yes.  “Yes! Of course.”

I feel like my job as a band leader is to figure it out. Just make it happen.  Happily, we did a lot of work to get our “Tortilla Western Serenade” CD aired on over 300 Stations- and in the Americana charts in both the US and Europe (whew!).  So I contacted a friendly music fan/promoter in Germany who has bought my accordion babes calendars & music, and who runs an Americana music series. I asked him if he could book me for one show, as a trio (the size of the band I think I can afford to bring.) He was so excited, he booked us for 3 shows!

Now the adrenaline kicks in: I’m booking my first European tour- something I was told to never try on my own.  Spain and Germany: check. We have 3 months to raise enough $ for airfare.  (Omg- can I do this?!)  Looks like I need to plan a fundraising show.  And a Kickstarter campaign… any other ideas anyone recommends?

When I’m nervous, I make jewelry- so I’ll be posting new things on Etsy.  Eeeee! 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

4 thoughts on “Just Say Yes”

  1. What a thrilling opportunity. You MUST raise the money. Years back I would take my fiddle and play in the underground/tube stations in Europe for $$. Even did it in Canada. Didn’t make much, but it surely was fun. Spent 2 weeks in Miltown Malbay, Ireland, playing and studying fiddle at the Willy Clancy Festival. You are going to have the time of your life. And when you are 73 like I am you will remember the experience with happiness in your heart. It is definitely food for the soul. Making jewelry is a wonderful way to slow down the pace. Hope you sell lots on Etsy. genie

  2. hi Princess Blossom (I love your foto up top; did you take it?): love this post, thank you for the inspiration! Congrats on the exciting opportunity; of course you’ll do it! and whatever you figure out to help you get over to Europe & make this tour happen, your friends will support. Keep us posted on Etsy, etc. I really appreciate your reminder that it often behooves us to say “yes” rather than do as I often do and back away, overly cautious and afraid to jump into an opportunity at once!

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