Gift Fair- Jaya’s Art

It was great to come home to Cali & find that OakTown is still blooming ~ Enough with crazy Winter I say  😉


The highlight of this last weekend was going to my sister Jaya’s art/gift show; the Triton Museum Spring Gift Fair (a.k.a. MINIATURES SHOW) in San Jose. This gift fair couldn’t have been better timed; I’m organizing my jewelry space now, my walls are bare, and I needed to soak up some of Sis Jaya’s wild, hottie-pants, cool energy!  Since she is BIGtime  (in collections and commissions), I can’t really afford her originals.  Her larger pieces grace Union Square galleries in San Francisco, so her ‘miniatures’ shows held around the Bay, mean that these pieces will more likely fit my miniature budget. (Woo-hoo! 😉  I just treasure this Grrrl’s work.

But first, my music room is together, thanks to my Mum who recently got me one of my favorite Jaya pieces– eeeee! (the bass player from her musician series), and now I’m afraid to hang anything within 500 feet of it because it is so insanely, sacred- crazy-special!


See what I mean?

What was really fun about Saturday’s San Jose fair and Sis Jaya’s amazing miniature paintings- they most all portray her sweet pets: chickens, birds of every feather, horses…lamas & goats (??)…  all amazing.  Jaya’s miniature watercolors are filled with happiness, animals, music notes & writing, glitter, Joy & whimsy- things my heart could always use more of 😉   So I was really looking forward to this show.


Interestingly, when I told her that these very qualities are what I treasure about her work she said “well, that’s the animals! They are the ones that are fun, silly, whimsical! That’s why we need them.”  Ok then; I need a zoo- Lol!!   So if you live anywhere near San Jose- sign up for Jaya King’s art classes March 24/25.  If i could draw, i’d go.

Add to this exhilaration finding another sweet face; I was most happy to round a corner and find jewelry designer Janet of Honey From the Bee– whose designs and jewelry I have long enjoyed from afar.  I like her design sensibilities; inspired by nature and nice & sunny!  And it was fun to find her so cool to talk to; I look forward to seeing her at more Cali fairs. 😉

If all works out, I hope to be in town to play music at Jaya’s next gallery showing in June.  AND… maybe share a booth with her at November’s Triton Museum gift Fair; watercolors & baubles, hmmm… 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

6 thoughts on “Gift Fair- Jaya’s Art”

  1. What a lucky person you are to have a sister so creative and fun! I can just tell from her artwork! That sweet llama and adorable owl! Just want to squeeze them… you two! I am SO glad you came to the show and it worked out that we got to stop and talk. You’ve got talent oozing out and I look forward to having a margarita and chips with you! (great excuse to get off this diet for an afternoon of fun!)

    Best wishes to you and let’s stay in touch.

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