Living Glacier; Blue Ice

New jewelry inspired by blue ice and living glaciers.

Today I’m inspired by glaciers, and living blue ice.

I found these pics looking for something else, and realized I never posted anything from my Alaska tour. So here are just a few from Glacier Bay National Park & Exit Glacier, near Anchorage.

The day we were there, one glacier in the Bay was making lots of noise-  cracks, rumbles, vibration- with periodic bits falling into the water.  The naturalists said that this movement and shift is what makes the glacier living and is everyday activity- not due to global warming per say- but a daily and seasonal expansion and contraction of the glacier itself.  This movement they said was caused by lots of things; whats going on underground (tectonic shifts with the land and ice flows underneath); gravity; side to side movements with other glaciers; and surface changes on top (sun, heat, air temp, more snow).   Amazing to think of the ground as alive and breathing.  😉

Several otter play on ice in front of our boat.     I love this poetic description of living ice and glaciers;

This amazing blue ice has me thinking of aquamarine, kyanite, and fossil stones…

Here are a few new  bracelets inspired by blue ice glaciers and the rich life all around them; evergreens, otters, pearls, oysters, & icy waters.  I’ll post these to my Etsy store soon.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

2 thoughts on “Living Glacier; Blue Ice”

  1. gorgeous pix! i love Alaska, spent several months living at Denali in the late 1980s. didn’t get to travel much, there are so many other places in that state i want to see, including Glacier Bay!

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