Sweet Thirst

I heart Macro Pics & a poem by T. Roethke

Rain, off and on. Spring has come so fast.  Blooms around the neighborhood.

& some fun with colors.

Of my commitments in 2012, one is to write more poetry, daily, in a physical journal.  A fantastic segue to this habit, is keeping constant companions of other poets’ work.   I recently discovered at City Light’s Books in North Beach, SF, Theodore Roethke‘s Selected Poems, edited by Edward Hirsh.   I love this particular collection, by The American Poets Project (2005); it feels thorough and has a wonderful intro about Roethke’s life, passions, and personality.  This is excerpted from the longer poem “A Light Breather.”

A Light Breather

The spirit moves,

Yet stays:

Stirs as a blossom stirs,

Still wet from its bud-sheath,

Slowly unfolding,

Turning in the light with its tendrils…”

Theodore Roethke, C. 2005

Click on the link below to see what others have found in the macro…

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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