Poem my newest roommate: Baxter “Spike” Canelo II

Yesterday, we battled wits, tense
toe to toe, disconnected all day,
exhausted and silent by night.

You: newly adopted, young male,
learning house rules, growling and defiant.
Me:  a my-house-my-rules kind of girl, yelling back,

staring you down
for that same impossibly long–

Today, I start from the floor.
Center of the room.  Sitting.
Roll down to stretch, eyes closed.  You,

inch close, lean all 50 pounds
against my leg.  Sigh.  Sit too, for a bit. Then
begin to paw my back– soft, rhythmic,
patient—stopping only when
I look up at you.

“Come,”  you say
eyes a softer brown today,
“Enlightenment awaits us
at the dog park.”

Tara Linda 2012©

Baxter “Spike” Canelo II, our newest roommate

Newly adopted from SF Pet Rescue Center.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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