Andrew’s Jewelry Challenge- Reveal!

I took on Andrew Thornton’s Dec/Jan Jewelry Challenge, sight unseen, and was thrilled to see what “jonquil” meant (the only clue he gave us;).

I took on Andrew Thornton’s Dec/Jan Jewelry Challenge, sight unseen, and was thrilled to see what “Jonquil” meant (the only clue he gave us;).

Here is what inspired Andrew’s special color palate;

“jonquil”…traditionally a “spring” color, but while I was walking through the woods in late autumn, I found a leaf that was yellow, tinged with green.  Everything else was brown and gray, but this leaf, left in the middle of the path, was a vibrant burst of color.”

The kit had enameled pieces by Barbara Lewis, ceramic pieces from Diane Hawkey, glass beads from RareEarth, and a mix of Czech glass, chain, Swarovski crystals, and the most gorgeous seed bead, stone, pearl bead blend ever.  The “mystery component” was one of Andrew’s gorgeous copper tree coins. Love it!  Have never worked with such brilliant yellows/golds before.  (I tried experimenting w/ the light- apologies if it is a bit bright 😉

I am relieved that Andrew gave us extra time; since my recent move, gigs, and life… haven’t unpacked all my jewelry supplies.  To this kit I added only a few pearls, a couple of smoky quartz chunks, and gold wire.  Here is my first piece.  Will add the rest very soon…

It was a blast to work with the bead mix; I’m working on a third piece that uses up all- or most- of the generous small bead blend.

This is my first time making hoop earrings. I had planned to add the seed beads up the entire wire- but they didn’t fit on the 18 gauge (note to self for next time…;)

So I’ve visited/commented on everyone’s sites below- but Blogspot only redirects my comments and won’t post them…?? (Ergh! ;().

But you must check out all the gorgeous designs- Folks are so imaginative! Enjoy your blogHop to see others’ creations!

Tara Linda   You are here…

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musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

10 thoughts on “Andrew’s Jewelry Challenge- Reveal!”

  1. I find one of the most challenging parts of a blog hop is being able to find a way to post a comment. It is getting easier now that I have participated in a few but it is still frustrating at times. I love your earrings and think they are more striking for only having the beads on the bottom part of the wire. All your pieces are lovely!

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