Unstrung Words

Crossing the Bay…

Crossing the bay, slow first

through estuary, then faster above

dredged channel~


Unstrung words fill each small

wave and tease

beneath the boat.  

Poems yet to be.

Wind blows stronger to meet them.

© 2012. Tara Linda

Happy Friday Everyone:

I’ve been reading lots about the new year blog challenges (post a quote-a-day, a photo-a-day, poem-a-day…) and it’s definitely got me thinking about how I want my blog to be & evolve.   We all get our blog stats end of year. For me- I don’t worry about stats so much (though some say I should as a working artist).  But since this is more of an Muse’s blog than a marketing blog- it all goes back to ‘what Muse’s do I want to accommodate more of this year?’

While I appreciate the daily habit and constancy in expression (really helps my songwriting…), I only want to post/write when something really stops me in my tracks.   I get bored easily too, so multiple prompts (poems, photos, mindful musings- make the most sense to me now.  I fear boring folks as well.

What I want more of now is sparks of inspiration (mine & others). And rich presence, captured in poetry, photographs, musings, &  music.   I do need to figure out how to post better when traveling (just found an app!).

Prompts I like now:  Poem a week. Macro Mondays. And I’m starting a new prompt called “Inspired in Oakland” mostly photos that celebrate my crazy city & surroundings.  Feel free to send me links to your photos taken around the East Bay (mostly Oakland!). ;-))

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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