Cleansing Rain & Purge

“The secret of a long life is knowing when it’s time to go” Michelle Shocked.

Moving now. I love change. The process of changing. But moving…ick!

The cleansing call. This rain. This down for the count
“finish”, funnels through the now of an hourglass, (never was yours
to keep), a narrow morph as whirlwind sweeps clean, a desert overnight.
The wait is over. Now just touch, toss, purge, move rapidly toward
less, to ensure you arrive empty handed- the real happiness-
nothing. Spiraling to the final finish, push to the salute of
wind & rain, all elements at your back to help in this morphing cleanse.
Sacred mindstate where nothing is sacred, thankfully, no thing is
Safe- thank fully-  Things to do today:  Move. Touch. Toss. Purge.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

3 thoughts on “Cleansing Rain & Purge”

  1. My dreams were of going through things, but they didn’t belong to me…and I was on the taking or reciving end of someone elses ‘things’. And I already have too much. Nice muse – thanks.

    1. Not sure if “going through things, but they didn’t belong to me…” Is dream or nightmare (! 😉 Feels so good to be ridding now…
      Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy your gemstone poems.

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